3 Alternative Stones For Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is arguably one of the most important pieces of jewellery you will ever recieve throughout your life. Your engagment ring will hardly ever be removed, which makes it extremely important to get it right! If you’ve never been a fan of traditional diamond jewellery, or if you simply want something that will set you apart from the crowd, there are some seriously stylish alternatives.

The Mystrerious Black Diamond

For those who love diamonds but just want something that little bit different, a black diamond engagement ring makes a real statement. Black is a classically elegant colour, and there will be no worries about it clashing with other coloured pieces of jewellery or outfits. Sometimes they can be combined with more traditional white diamonds for a stylish monochrome look, or they can be set on their own. Whatever the style, a black diamond engagement ring will certainly catch people’s attention in a way that a traditional white diamond piece may not. Black diamonds symbolise depth of feeling and unknown possibilities, making it a deeply symbolic choice for an engagement ring.

Diamonds are famous for their durability and strength, and black diamonds are no different, so the worry of having to have the stone replaced further down the line is eliminated. So for a diamond that is far from the norm, you can’t go too far wrong by choosing a black one.

The Royal Blue Sapphire

Sapphire engagement rings have always been a beautiful and elegant choice, but a certain somebody’s choice of rock sent this gemstone soaring up to superstar status. Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge’s famous sparkler, which previously belonged to the late Princess Diana, is a wonderful example of a beautiful blue sapphire ring. While your budget may not extend to that of the Royal Family, there are lots of sapphire rings on the market to choose from.

When presented as an engagement ring, sapphires have come to represent faithfulness and sincerity, making it a stone that speaks of the commitment that you and your partner are making. The colour is what sets sapphires apart though, with their wonderful blue hue that reminds you of clear skies and beautiful seas – not a bad vision to have of your married life together!

Sapphires have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs Scale, the highest being ten, so they are a stone that is suitable for everyday wear, and are able to withstand knocks and scrapes more easily than other coloured gemstones. So if you are worried that they are less durable than diamonds and will often need replacing, rest assured that while they are softer than diamonds, it’s not by a dramatic amount. So if you fancy following in royal footsteps, the sapphire could be the stone of choice for you!

The Regal Red Ruby

Red, the colour of passion and love. It’s a dramatic choice for an engagement ring, and one that will certainly be a head-turner! Rubies are glamorous stones that speak of luxury and style, and choosing a ruby engagement ring as an alternative to a more traditional diamond one is a good choice.

The boldness of a ruby isn’t for everyone, so be sure that it is a ring that you will like as much in ten, twenty and thirty years’ time as you do today. Rubies, along with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires, are considered to be one of the most elite stones in the world, with their deep red colour being popular for thousands of years.

The colour, in fact, is one of the determining factors in the price of a ruby. The deeper the colour, the more expensive the stone, with the most desirable hue being pigeon-blood red – a deep, lustrous colour that commands attention. If you or your partner are fond of making bold fashion statements, then a ruby should certainly be on your list of stones to choose from.

These Rocks are a Girl’s best Friends:

These stones are all wonderful alternatives to white diamonds. Gone are the days where an engagement ring simply had to be a white diamond – style and preference is an extremely individual thing, and a stone that someone else likes may not be your cup of tea.

Whatever the stone that you end up choosing, may this purchase symbolise the start of a very long and happy life together for you both.

Jason Keith is the Founder of Jason Keith Jewellery which specialises in creating beautiful bespoke, handmade engagment rings