Limousines: Not Just For The Rich And Famous

For a long time a Limousine used to be associated to only a few select groups of people, notably the very rich and famous. Amongst these groups were the various monarchies and heads of states. Of course the likes of HM The Queen and President Obama are still seen regularly in their limousines; however a great many more ordinary people have enjoyed their very own limo trips too.
Growing Market
Recent times have demonstrated that there is a growing market for limousine services. An increasing number of companies provide their limo’s for the following services:
* Weddings
* Birthdays
* City tours
* Airport shuttles
* Concerts
Depending on just how extravagant you are feeling it is also possible to put the finishing touches on a dinner date.
Whilst the use of a limousine has become increasingly more common, they still very often grab the attention of pedestrians as well as other road users. Their blacked out windows keeping everyone guessing on exactly who is lucky enough to be on the inside.
Stretching Tactics
The modern day limousines have developed and grown beyond all recognition. Many of them are now elongated, referred to of course as ‘stretch’ limousines. These monsters are able to accommodate even more people than ever before. Typically the stretch limo will be around 8 feet longer than its normal counterpart.
Depending on whom the limousine manufacturer is the interior fittings will vary dramatically. However, the one fundamental element that all limo’s share is that the driver’s compartment is completely separate from that of the passengers. This privacy element is something that many people enjoy when out in a limo.
Limousines are still seen as the ultimate in travelling luxury. It is not uncommon for limousines to feature refrigerators and state of the art entertainment systems, some of which might even include karaoke equipment.
Traditionally limousines came from prestigious car manufacturers, the Rolls Royce Phantom being a classic example of this. Nowadays more and more automotive manufactures are involved in this
area, including the likes of Chrysler and more recently Hummer. These Hummers have a militaristic look about them and can make a great limousine conversion; their extra height allows passengers to enjoy even better views.
For a great girlie day out there are even companies that specialise in the hire of Pink limousines. A super day out for the ladies is almost certainly guaranteed with this type of limo; however, it is perhaps not recommended for the shy and retiring types.
How things have changed in the limousine market. No longer are they the exclusive ‘toys’ of just the rich and famous.
This article was written from the writers at Finsihing Touch Cars who offer limo hire Coventry.