Why Insurance Is Needed For Your Precious iPhone 4

Why Insurance Is Needed For Your Precious iPhone 4

So, you’ve got a brand new iPhone 4 this Christmas and want to insure it? That’s a great idea.  But consider some major things before taking any decision.

There are a number of things to consider while insuring your phone.  Namely,

• Accidental damage
• Mechanical breakdown
• Loss & theft
• Drops

Why Coverage Against Accidental Damage is needed:

Oh no! You spilled some coke on your brand new phone while chatting with your best friend! – No matter how insignificant that may sound, you know that it is a spine chilling sensation every time you imagine such a situation! Accidents may happen when it is most unasked for and as a result, your phone may get damaged. Can you risk it? Of course not, there’s always an option to opt for accidental damage insurance.  Many third party insurers are available in market that provides coverage for your phone.

Why Coverage Against Mechanical Breakdown is needed:

“A mobile phone is only used to receive phone calls”- this is now a pre-historic concept. Modern phones are becoming increasingly complex and in the age of nano technology, the internal parts of phones are also getting complex day by day. Thankfully these phones come with a manufacturers’ warranty. But it doesn’t cover all the risk factors. And, moreover what will happen after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired?  Insurance for the mechanical breakdown will get your back then.

Why Coverage Against Loss & Theft is needed:

Do you know that, a lot of mobile insurance claims are due to theft or loss?  And now, the worse part, most warranties won’t cover you in case your phone is lost or stolen.  Here, you must opt for a third party iPhone 4 insurance like Protectyourbubble.com iPhone 4 insurance, you can get coverage against theft,  loss and disappearance of your iPhone.

Why Coverage Against Drops is needed:

You dropped your iPhone 4 from terrace and now it has a cracked screen and the phone can’t be switched on (the drop must have damaged some of its internal parts) – congratulations you’ve just broken your £459 phone! Now who will cover for you?  If your phone was insured, you can get a damage repair or even replace even in such a situation.

What else can a good iPhone 5 insurance coverage can offer you?

  • Credit Monitoring

In case you lose your phone, the phone thief now has access to all your important mails, bank accounts, and your social security number, as you stored a lot of personal information there. So he may use them for extracting money from your account or for other fraudulent works.  That is why iPhone insurance providers like Protectyourbubble  insurance offer you access to your credit for three months after you phone has been stolen. This gives you an added protection against identity theft and helps restore your peace of mind.

  • Worldwide Cover

If you are a busy business person then you have to travel a lot with your phone. In situation like that you will require a worldwide cover when you go abroad on holidays and business trips.

  • Track Repairs Online

Some of the iPhone insurance providers allow you to track the repair stages of your phone via the web. All you have to do is to log in to certain portal to monitor the stages of repair.

  • Fast Replacement

These insurance companies will ensure that if your phone cannot get fixed, the company will replace it with a new or refurbished iPhone.

So, think twice before you finally take a decision of purchasing insurance for your phone!