What Is Your Scope In The Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is a vast industry which is rapidly growing. In fact, it is considered as one of the fastest growing industries in the world of today. Even the global economic recession that has shut down quite a lot of businesses has not been able to affect this industry and continues to provide profit while giving this industry a boom in the market.
Being a total success, the hospitality industry offers thousands of new job opportunities each year to the unemployed. Not just this, the industry has become a significant ally in annihilating unemployment. The industry offers jobs at every skill level and for different qualifications in order to provide job opportunities to people of all levels.
The industry basically offers accommodations for guests along with the provision of basic facilities such as food and other essential services. The hospitality industry is not only linked to hotels but it extends its reach to cruises, clubs and other forms of services as well. This facility offered by the hospitality industry is not just available for the citizens but, for tourists and guests too.
Skilled employees are required to manage and control these services in order to attain the maximum benefit for both customer and provider while also securing large profits.
Here are some of the jobs offered in the hospitality industry.
Food and Beverage Manager
The food and beverage manager’s job description is to provide food and beverages according to the customers’ needs and wants. In case proper food is not provided by the management, the customers will not purchase it as they have the outmost spending power.
It is the duty of the food and beverage manager to makes sure that the bars are loaded with drinks throughout the time. He/she is also required to ensure that the barman on duty will serve these drinks correctly and efficiently without causing any trouble. The food and beverage manager is also responsible for making sure that proper and efficient room service is being provided to the customers.
If the room service is not well executed, the customers will start to complain. Lastly, the manager also needs to keep a strict check for the cleanliness of the kitchen in order to provide clean and healthy food so that the customers are served with the cleanest and best food.
The Head Chef
The Head Chef is responsible for the entrees in menu of the restaurant. Being the head chef, he/she has to ensure that the customers are getting what they want at the best possible food quality. The food needs to be according to the customers’ liking or they will shift their spending power somewhere else.
Front of House Manager
The front of House Manger ensures and supervises the duties of other employees such as the receptionists, reservation clerks, porters, drivers and accountants. It is his/her responsibility to make sure that the guests are being allotted their rooms right away and all of their needs and wants are being provided to them efficiently and on time according to their requirements.
Banquet Manger
The banquet manager is responsible for the food and beverages being provided in the banquet halls and also has to ensure that a required amount of profit is being made while doing it. The banquet manager is the one who arranges all the parties along with their equipment and it is his/her job to greet guests as well. As the host, it is also his duty to greet the guests and direct them to the proper hall where the staff will be waiting to serve them the food and beverages.
Restaurant Manager
The restaurant manager is solely responsible for all the services being provided in the restaurant. It is his job to make sure that all guests get their seats in time and fairly. He also ensures that the guests are seated properly and they enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant. He also has to maintain the cleanliness of the place while also adding new items to the menus according to the customers’ likings and demand. It is the restaurant manager who has to deal with any complaints that come from the restaurant’s customer and to find a solution to resolve them.
Head House Keeper
The head house keeper is responsible for all the cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel rooms and restaurants as well as the waiting and public areas. He/she maintains the whole hotel and is responsible to place proper linen and bed sheets regularly. The Head House Keeper trains all the housekeeping staff according to the traditions followed in the hotel.
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