What Does A Telephone Engineer Do?

The telephone has become one of the most relied upon tools for doing business whether it is to generate custom in the first place or offer customer service.
As businesses grow the need for a more sophisticated telephone system also grows as more calls are received and there are more people who can answer them.
Not only that with modern technology advancing at a rapid rate the type of phone systems used are becoming more varied and technical.
That means those people responsible for designing, installing and maintaining business telephone systems are having to become more technically competent and in many cases specialisms emerge.

Understanding Your Needs.

To get the most appropriate phone system, first your telecoms engineer must understand the needs of your business.
Do you have lots of people who need phones and are spread out all over the world or
do you have a single office where communication between staff members and customers is paramount to the function of the business?
In either case the engineer will be able to design a system that works for your business.
A typical telephone system includes cabling, possibly using fibre optics, installation of the devices (phones and
switch board) and the software it takes to run sophisticated systems.
Some phone systems allow the caller to select which department they wish to get to. We’ve all used them; press one for this, press two for that!
Other systems, can tell you who is calling and let you set up rules to deal with it.
For example, a landline can be diverted to a mobile and the person who answers the call can be alerted that it has been diverted so that they can appear to be still in their office.
Handy for one man bands!

Modern Telecoms Systems.

Broadband phones are more popular than ever due to their versatility and cost effectiveness.
You can track calls coming in or going out of a business which can give you great insight into where customers are coming from and how calls are being handled all in real time.
So the telephone engineers have to be designers, network cabling experts, software engineers, systems installers and maintainers of the whole telephone infrastructure.
That is why they go through extensive training which is at a high academic level and is constantly updated to keep up with the latest developments in technology.
They have skills that cross over other trades such as wiring, design and project management so an engineer can be a highly specialised job.

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