What Can I Do If Someone Close To Me Died Of Bladder Cancer Due To Actos?

If someone close to you dies then it can be difficult. However, if they die due to a medical error, then it can be even more difficult. There are some medications that have been shown to increase the risk of certain diseases. This is the case with Actos that has been shown to increase the risk of contracting bladder cancer. If someone you know has died of bladder cancer and they were taking Actos, then there might be something that you can do.
Getting Compensation
You may feel that you deserve compensation for what has happened. This could be possible but it will depend on the circumstances. You will have to prove that the death was caused by a side effect of the Actos. This may be easy to do or it may be more difficult. If death was due to bladder cancer, then a link has been found, but if the person had other risk factors, then it may be more difficult to get a settlement.
A lawyer will be able to help you to find out whether you have enough evidence to put together a case.
You may only be able to get compensation if you have a relationship with the deceased. You will have to show that you have been disadvantaged financially by their death or emotionally. This means that you would normally need to be a spouse, child, parent or living with the person. There will be some exceptional cases, but again a lawyer would be the best person to advice about this.
Getting Pay Back
It may be that you want the drug company to be aware of what they have done. You may want people to be aware of the harm that the drug can do so that they do not suffer in the same way. Going to court for compensation may help with this. You may also wish to go to the press and see whether you can highlight the case in the newspapers or even on the television. If you are able to go to court and will a case against them, this would make your story seem more convincing. If a judge deems the drug company guilty of misconduct, then this will certainly help others to believe that they are guilty. Then if you take the story to the media, they will probably be happy to go ahead and publish the details. This may help you to feel that at least something good may come out of your loss.
Grief can be a difficult thing to deal with. However, if something can come out of the death of a loved one, it can help. Getting financial compensation will not bring them back, but it can help to reduce suffering or financial stress. Getting pay back can help to make you feel better, especially if you can warn others so less people have to suffer in the same way.

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