Unconventional & Dreamy Wedding Venue Options

Weddings can be quite the formal affair and because of this, most people rather stick to the basics when choosing a suitable venue for their wedding ceremony.  However, many things have changed, seeing that people are going to very unconventional places to get hitched. The following are some of such unconventional wedding venues people are opting for today.
A Beach Wedding: Beach weddings are quite popular nowadays, but mostly only for people who live near beach locations or individuals who own beach houses. For someone coming from the countryside, a beach wedding seems a bit impractical.
If you are an adventurous person at heart, Make sure that your dream wedding is nothing but extraordinary. There are countless wedding-planning agencies around these days, that will not only help you choose the best beach wedding venue, but will also take care of everything from catering to decorations.
A Wedding Boat Cruise: Weddings on Cruise liners aren’t only destined for the rich and elite. There are numerous luxury cruise liners who offer affordable packages for weddings. Before you completely dismiss this option, you should first take a look at the prices. These packages are unbelievably reasonably priced. What a magical experience it must be to get married to the person you love, accompanied by the vastness of the ocean as you both say “I do”.
An Air Wedding:  This might sound a bit inapt, but air weddings have been tried and tested over the past few decades. In order to accomplish this, you will need to book an air balloon or private jet. The only shortcoming of an air wedding will be that you’ll have to leave most of your guests behind.
If you book a private jet, no more than 10-15 people will be able to attend. If you opt for the air balloon, only no guest would be allowed. It is perfect for couples who want a small dream wedding with only their dearest of friends around.
A Castle Wedding: A castle wedding might sound a little excessive but trust me, it isn’t. Finding a castle to get hitched in isn’t too difficult. There are numerous castle venues all over the world that offer venues for such functions. Castles and palace wedding venues will not only make for an ideal princess wedding venue, but it will also save the trouble of making accommodation arrangements for all your guests.
A Ranch Wedding:  In the USA and Europe, farmhouse weddings have become quite popular these days. If you aren’t the most adventurous type, I recommend you try a farmhouse wedding. Just ensure the venue is outside the city.

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