Top Social Media Apps for Windows 8

If you are now operating any older versions of the OS (OERATING SYSTEMS) like Windows XP or Vista and you are confused whether to upgrade your OS to windows 8 or not than I guess you are not aware about its feature and its function or if you had knew the feature of latest OS which is windows 8 than till now you must have installed Windows 8.

Users who have installed the latest OS i.e. Windows 8 then you must install the social media applications on it as well. As it has been truly said without dying we can’t see the heaven same way we can’t predict our future without falling into the virtual world of social media. The applications of Windows 8 will increase your experience level and it will take you to the fun of the new level. As we all must be aware about social media. In simple words we say it is an online technology tool where we can easily communicate with other people with the help of internet. But in reality what does Social Media means? The answer is communications with other people where there they share their views, ideas and information in various social networking communities. Now let’s go through some of the best top social media apps for windows 8.


It is one of the best social media apps where we stay connected with all other top listed social networking sites. By survey it has been found it is the most downloaded app for windows 8 from its app store. After downloading and installing it, you just need to sync your social media accounts with it. This app supports all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Space, Friendz, etc. The main feature of this app is it automatically updates latest data from your friend in our Social networking Site. There is no need to sign up in all your social networking accounts in this app only you can like or comment on your friends updated post.


IM+ is the short form of Instant Messaging. As the word social media means staying connected with the updated latest world, and these works can be done best by Instant Messaging app. It is a familiar word for Smartphone users. The main advantage of this app is it connects you all the times on your instant messaging accounts like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, etc and you can have chat with your friends by logging into this app.


As the name of the app describes it, this app is related to Twitter. It will always keep you active on Twitter Social networking account from your Windows 8 home screen. It has nice user interface which will enhance your Twitter experience. You can post your views or thoughts on your Twitter profile and you can reply or comment on the tweets or posts posted by other Twitter users. The other advantages of this app is you can directly check the messages or you can send directly to others


Everyone must be aware about this app. Well if not then I should introduce you about this app. It is the best app for Online Communication with your friends. The biggest advantage of this app is we can chat or communicate face-to-face with our friends and you can send or share files as well.