Top Lifestyle Apps That You Should Seriously Consider

ios and android

Technology brought us a lot of good things, from the Internet, do-all personal computers, to multifunctional mobile devices. But unfortunately, we tend to ignore some aspects of our lives when we’re too engrossed with the things tech gave us. We become obsessed with our mobile gadgets that we can’t part with them even during mealtime, or too dependent on the internet that we feel separation anxiety whenever our service provider fails us.
Fortunately, there are ways where technology can also help us get back on track to living healthy, normal lives. There are apps that can help keep us healthy, encourage us to read more, or even allow us to explore new places. The following is a list of the best apps that you can download to keep your lifestyle in check.
Mango Health (iOS)
One of the biggest health-related concerns people encounter today is adhering to a certain medication or supplement. Because of technology, it appears that people are too preoccupied to take their meds seriously, and would only care to take the necessary tablets or syrups whenever they feel sick. With new TV shows easily streamed, or conference calls easily placed through a VoIP provider, people feel that they have better things to do than keeping track of the medicine that they take (after all, they already feel better after a couple of pills). Mango Health addresses this problem by offering an incentive to those who follow their prescription. This app not only keeps a record of the medicine that you’re required to take but it also tracks your intake so that you can follow what your physician advised. In return, you earn points simply by taking your medication or supplements, and this is logged on your app. As your points increase, you reach a certain level with a corresponding prize; the higher the level, the better the reward. This app not just ensures that you get a clean bill of health; it also rewards you for simply following the doctor’s orders.
Minube (iOS and Android)
When you’re hooked on the latest computers and mobile devices, you typically sacrifice interactions with other people and the world. You are more focused on what’s in front of you: a screen full of games and online applications, online content that would take forever to consume, and limited interactions with other tech zombies. A simple solution to this problem would be Minube, an app that features different tourist destinations in the world, including the areas near you that you have yet to explore. This app lets you discover these wonderful destinations, hopefully rousing your interest to travel and see the world with your own eyes. These destinations are all recommended by travellers who share about what they experienced when they ended up on that part of the world. Once you’ve had your first taste of travelling, you can also share your experiences in real time, no matter where you are. Get in touch with the people you left behind, and encourage them to do the same next time they get a chance. You can even create a travel guide of sorts by piecing different areas together with your friends to form a must-see list of a certain city or country.
Flipboard (iOS and Android)
You don’t need to lay off the smartphone or tablet in order to return to your old reading ways. With Flipboard, you can collect and collate reading materials from different parts of Internet. You can add your social media accounts so that when you’re done reading one magazine article, you can just refresh your Facebook or Twitter feeds and read easily. You can easily flip from one article to another with a helpful summary, or you can save a longer reading material for later offline reading.