Tips For Looking After Yourself When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life. She is growing a life inside her and this means that her body is under a lot of strain. This is why it is an important time to be healthy.

  • Healthy Eating:
    It is important to get enough nutrients so that the baby grows well. Most women do these days, but often folic acid is recommended as a supplement as a deficiency can lead to developmental problems in the baby. There are certain foods that should be avoided as they may cause upset stomach. Although this does not directly affect the baby it can be even more unpleasant for the woman than when she normally gets it and she may have a lack of nutrients during the time when she is unwell. It is also important to only take medication that is safe to use when pregnant as many things have not been tested on pregnant women so there may be a risk to the baby. It is important not to eat too much extra food as it can result in unnecessary weight gain. A woman should not put on that much weight when she is pregnant.
  • Exercise:
    It is important to stay fit when pregnant as this can help with the birth as it can be a slow and exhausting process. However, do not overdo it either. Pregnancy can be very tiring especially at the beginning when there are lots of hormones in the body and towards the end when the extra weight can be tiring to carry around. So take things slowly, do regular but low level exercise and rest a lot. There is no shame in having a nap during the day or just resting when tired. It is important to listen to the body.
  • Avoiding Stress:
    There are quite a few stresses that can be bad when pregnant. Stress in general is not good at any time but while hormones tend to be unbalanced anyway things can be more difficult to cope with anyway. This is why many women take up yoga in pregnancy, but there are lots of things that can be tried.
    There are other things that can stress up the body as well. Pollution, such as that from cigarette smoke or car fumes can reduce the oxygen intake to the body which can slow development of the baby. Toxins such as alcohol can also cause problems. It is therefore important to try to avoid these sorts of things as well.

It is an important time for a woman to look after her body, when she is pregnant. Her GP will provide guidance and it is important to take their advice. However, it is also important to take notice of the body and listen to it. It is also important to start getting in to good healthy habits when trying to conceive as it will make sure the body is well prepared as well getting in to practice.

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