The Smartphone Can Expand Your Video Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for new ways to gain the attention of your target audience, consider video marketing. There are several techniques you can use for videos.
Some people prefer the professional webcam while others are turning to whiteboard marketing.
What makes videos so powerful for marketing purposes is how easy they are to watch and share with others.
Your company will completely captivate your target audience for the entire length of the video.
This allows you to pack in more information than a print advertisement or other online marketing methods.
Take a look at how many people are using smartphones to view YouTube videos and other online videos.
Since over half of the population own smartphones, it is safe to say that your company needs a presence on these phones.
Millions of people are multi-tasking at home. While they may be viewing a program on TV, they are also playing with their smartphone.
This means, your company can easily gain the attention of customers while they are watching their favorite programs.
Paying for prime-time advertising space can be incredibly expensive, but with smartphones you can advertise for free.
Posting your video on your website, YouTube, and other video-hosting sites is a great way to garnish a lot of attention in a short amount of time.
Whiteboard animation is a technique that some companies are just discovering. Individuals using mobile devices to view the internet are expected to increase to 148.6 million by the year 2015.
Using whiteboards can give your company a serious competitive advantage. These videos are entertaining, engaging, and informative. Concepts that are typically hard to explain are broken down into an amusing and precise video.
The customers will clearly understand the new product or program you are planning to launch. Many businesses are also using the whiteboard programs to assist with employee trainings and other seminars.
Customers find great value in whiteboards as they offer better understanding. For a new product launch, a whiteboard gives the customers a basic, entertaining message.
This is often easier for them to understand compared to press releases or phone calls with your company. A picture with quality narration is much easier to understand and to share with others.
No matter what your niche market is, videos like this will communicate a strong message to any age, ethnicity, and language.
Going viral is a term that just about every business owner is familiar with in today’s online marketing world. If you want to truly benefit your organization, you need to create a video that can go viral.
People must be entertained and they must find the information “shareable.” When using the whiteboards, you have the ability to be unique.
It will set your company apart in your industry as not too many businesses are using whiteboard videos. However, this trend will change as more and more companies are starting to see the tremendous benefits of whiteboards.
When people are fascinated by something, they will share it with others. Make your video into one that helps you compete with larger organizations all thanks to your customer’s viral marketing.
Erik Kerr is the Founder of The Draw Shop, the leader in marketing videos, specializing in whiteboard animation and drawings.