The Do's and Don'ts of Hiring a SEO Provider

Any business that is serious about developing an online brand will almost always turn to a SEO provider to aid with them with goals. While there was once a time where a DIY approach would have sufficed, the search engine rankings industry has become incredibly cut throat over the years and it’s rare to find an industry that is not dominated by websites who have been optimised to the hilt for Google. This means that in order to survive online, a SEO provider is usually the only way forward.

It goes without saying that supply has risen with demand and there are now hoards of SEO companies dotted around the internet. Just like any industry, some will net you results, while others will take your cash and let you down month-by-month. The purpose of this guest contribution is to show you how you can avoid the latter and pick a reputable firm to take your business forward. We’ll do this by looking at just how you find a company in the first place and while this may seem like quite a basic way to analyse a firm’s effectiveness, it is usually a decent indicator in the world of SEO.

Cold-calling and constant emails

If you have already launched your website, you will have most definitely received one of these emails from a ‘SEO expert’ who labels everything that is wrong with your site, and exactly what needs to be done to rectify these issues and subsequently improve your rankings. If they have caught your attention, start running.

This can be classed as one of the most desperate ways to market any product, not least one like a SEO service. If this company are having to resort to such tactics, you can assume that they are struggling for custom and at this point you should be asking yourself just why this is the case.

Stumbling across a firm in the SERPS

If you have been specifically looking for a SEO provider via Google and you stumble across one on the first few pages, you’ve probably struck gold. After all, if they are able to propel their business to the top of the SERPS, it gives you every hope that they know what they are doing.

For example, if you were to search for a marketing agency Suffolk has, you should limit your picks to the first few pages. If these companies have been able to secure such rankings, it gives the best indication yet that they will be able to do the same for you.

Ignore mass marketing campaigns

From time to time we’ll see a new kid on the block trying to advertise their SEO service through every possible means. Whether it’s big magazine adverts, Adwords ads or any other similar method, it immediately gives the impression that they are a big player.

However, while they may possess a huge budget, always approach these firms with caution. Admittedly, if they have been on the scene for several years, you’d have to assume that they at least know something about their industry if they are still able to splash out on massive advertising campaigns. However, if they are new, these advertisements don’t mean a thing and you should stringently review their services before immediately picking them as your SEO provider.