Technology For Small Business: What You Should Use And Why

Small businesses have a unique problem in the business world. Most business software packages are designed with big budgets in mind, which smaller businesses cannot afford.
Luckily, the latest technologies provide alternatives that not only meet the needs of small businesses, but are also superior to traditional business services.

Portable Internet

Although phone-based internet is getting better, it still leaves something to be desired.
Additionally, laptops require a special adaptor to connect to a phone’s Internet Service Provider.
Luckily, there are portable Internet servers that allow computers, tablets, and phones to connect to higher Internet speeds anywhere in the world (or very close, anyway!).
Two of the top services are WiMAX and CLEAR Internet.

  • WiMAX: The current WiMAX download speed offers up to 1GB of download speed for fixed station users. This is much faster than the traditional wireless networks. WiMAX is ideal for portable broadband, VOIP services, smart grids, and more.
  • CLEAR: CLEAR Internet provides similar services to WiMAX. CLEAR can provide downloads speeds up to 2 GB. The mobile services are ideal for fast connectivity on the go.

Smart Phones

These days, businesses can hardly exist without the use of a smart phone.
A smart phone allows an employee to have access to the company at all times.
Smart phones function as computers and communication devices, so team members always have access to the latest news and updates.
Smart phones are particularly helpful for sales staff, who can use them to talk to clients, put in orders, set up meetings, and manage their appointments.

Tablet Computers

Small businesses can benefit from the use of tablet computers almost more than anyone else.
There are thousands of apps that help facilitate small business operations that are much cheaper than traditional office software.
A tablet computer can also double as a presentation platform for meetings, a sales pitch to showcase your company’s products or services, and even as a purchase platform to make sales instantly.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage enables a small business to store their data online. This cuts down on the need for services like:

  • Large office space
  • Individualized servers
  • A large IT staff

Instead, employees of a small business can use cloud storage options to save and store their data for future use.
Cloud storage is also beneficial for members of a team who are in different locations.
Each member of the team can sign into the cloud storage site and access the data from anywhere in the world.

Online Communication

Most small businesses have small budgets. This means that there are less funding options for expensive conferences, meeting spaces, and even office space, in some cases.
This is where the advantage of modern communication technology really shines.
With online communications, like cloud conferencing, Google Hangouts, Webinars, and other online communication tools, it is possible to bring information to a large group of people who are located around the world.
Using these tools can help any business establish themselves and remain competitive in the cut-throat world of business.
If you run a small businesses, take advantage of these technologies to boost your business.

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