Experiencing the Sunny Side Up

There has got to be a room which gets flooded with sunlight as you prepare for your day. For many the patio will suffice but in fact any suitable place in and around the house can be utilized fully as a “sun-room”; all it needs is a splash in the creativity palette and you are good to go!

Gathering the Essentials:

This does depend from person to person as some would prefer a rug that livens up the place to using furniture made from natural elements to even outdoor furniture cushions. Furniture and accessories can be custom designed such as the custom outdoor cushions which complement the surroundings where they are to be placed, livening up the décor and making it a comfortable experience for the user.

Avoid Cluttering:

The sun room needs to be spacious enough that it can accommodate all family members at least. All seating furniture and even shelves need to be accommodated to utilize all storage spaces within the space available. This provides a comfortable living space and well planned seating arrangement helps add finesse to the décor as well. Moreover, if drapes are being used, they need to be carefully picked out as well. They need to be transparent enough to let a generous amount of light through if they are closed while also comprising of material that allow breezes to flow into the room, thus assisting in cross ventilation. This not only helps keep the room experience adequate amounts of sunlight but also maintain a gentle temperature as air is allowed to pass through.

Economic With the Arrangements:

 One does not need to buy everything new for their new sun-room; rather that is ill advised. Although some new material might be needed to accommodate for the new space, such as the drapes but some stuff can be reused from other parts of the house. These can be chairs that can be folded up and placed in the sun-room when needed and relocated according to their use. Moreover, replacement cushions for outdoor furniture can be used outside the house as well as inside, depending where the sun-room is going to be located.

It is a good idea to look at various yard sales and be on the lookout for furniture clearances as one can acquire antique furniture which can add to the ambiance of the sun-room as well as giving it a stylish uplift as well.

A sun-room is simply a place for someone to relax and get comfortable as they enjoy the warm rays of sunlight as well as the cool breezes. This is a space for family time and will house some cherishable memories as families get to sit together and pursue their hobbies together or spend some time together.

Its designing can either be a family event where everyone adds their personal touch to the place. However, it can also prove to be a time of personal indulgence of a family member who can take up such a project to fulfill a hidden desire to try interior décor themselves; either way, it remains to provide a memorable experience for all.