SEO Myths That Everyone Should Know

Myth #1: You can do SEO by your own:

Doing SEO for a website means following a set of procedures and techniques to increase the ranking of the website, which will enhance the number of users to your site. It is right that anybody can learn and do SEO, but SEO involves some of the techniques which are complex to perform, and even if you try to perform, then it would become a time consuming process. SEO includes HTML coding and many other technical aspects. To save their time and to get the SEO done properly, most of the business owners hire SEO Company or experts.

Myth #2: Meta tags are important:

Once, Meta tags used to be the important component needed by every page of your site to rank well. The search engine was based on those keywords which were mentioned within the Meta tags. But, now the Google algorithm has changed and Meta tags do not affect the ranking of the website. At the same time we can’t say that they are useless. For instance, Description tag comes under meta tags and the text which is described in the description tags appears below the link that shows up search results.

Myth #3: Keyword rich domain name will not give you higher ranking

Earlier, the URL is considered to be important. Google gives lot of importance to the domain name with the keyword in it. By having such a domain name, the sites gained many advantages. But now Google don’t index on basis of domain name but index the sites on the basis of content of the web pages. The domain name is still important, because people use to see it, but it will not affect your website ranking.

Myth #4: Only the website at first rank matters

Many business owners emphasize to reach on the top of the first page of any search engine. But many surveys have shown that people also look at the other results by scrolling down. So, being on the first place of the second page can be beneficial. Users have many options to extract the information that they need and he/she will search by clicking on different links unless and until he gets the meaningful results.

Myth #5: Linking to high authority sites helps in higher ranking

Link Building is considered to be an important technique of internet marketing. Most of the people believe that building links to high authority sites bring higher ranking, but it is not true as Google uses Page Rank  and usefulness of your site to decide the ranking of your site on search Engines

About the author:-

Tom Brown is a SEO writer , who is specialists in internet marketing , social media marketing and PPC.