Europe’s Top Five Jazz Venues

Sitting back with a drink and listening to the soothing sounds of jazz played by top musicians is an experience that delights time and time again. Nothing compares with live jazz played in a cosy club; the ambience is warm and soothing as like-minded music followers relax and soak up the atmosphere. Europe is fortunate to have an excess of great jazz venues, so to help you choose here are five of the best from around the continent.
Casa del Jazz, Rome
You don’t need to be celebrating a special occasion to enjoy the Casa del Jazz in Rome. Located in a villa in one of the city’s beautiful parks, the Casa is a great place to enjoy your favourite music. The auditorium provides a wonderful setting and as the music fills the air, you can dine at the excellent restaurant; summer on the terrace is an experience not to be missed.
Jazz Bar, Madrid
Opened some 30 years ago in the central part of the city, Madrid’s Jazz Bar is the perfect place to relax with a drink and listen to your jazz favourites. It is very popular with locals and outsiders are rare as this little gem is hidden away and you really need to know how to find it. Jazz Bar is a cosy, intimate little bar that can get crowded but it offers the perfect combination of comfort, a good selection of drinks and, above all, great jazz music.
Jazzkeller, Frankfurt
Since it opened in 1952, the Jazzkeller in Frankfurt has hosted some the world’s greatest jazz musicians. Johnny Hodges, Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong are just some of the top names that have appeared at this basement grotto venue. Germany’s top live jazz venue, the Jazzkeller is fairly small, which adds to the intimate atmosphere, but has a well-equipped bar that serves everything from Germany’s favourite beer to espresso coffee. It is open every night except Monday and Tuesday (unless special concerts have been arranged.)
Jazzhuss Montmartre, Copenhagen
The Jazzhuss Montmartre has shifted locations several times in its history but reopened at its original site in May 2010. In the early days, following its founding in 1959, it rocked to the sounds of Dixieland but since then has welcomed performances from such greats as Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. Now run as a non-profit organisation, Jazzhuss Montmartre has a café that offers reasonably priced Italian food, but there is no dining during the shows, which start at 8.00pm.
Boisdale, London
Boisdale in London’s sophisticated Canary Wharf district has become the venue of choice for lovers of jazz music in London. Open every night except Sunday, It offers superb Scottish themed cuisine and boasts a well-stocked bar and some of the best cocktails in town. But, music at Boisdale is a major part of the Boisdale experience and is not to be missed. Boisdale regularly attracts the finest musicians from the world of jazz, blues and soul to provide the kind of memories that never fade.