Mereway Kitchens History

Mereway kitchens began production over 25 years ago in Birmingham. They had a philosophy of producing quality from the start but kept an eye on pricing to remain competitive. The original Mereway kitchens only had doors which meant that retailers had to source the doors separately. Of course they have come a long way since those days and now compete easily with the best of German kitchens. After 25 years of steady growth the continuing investment in new products and brands is proving to be a successful formula. The British market for kitchens is always linked to a healthy economy and good house sales. This has not been the case for several years yet Mereway continues to grow. Robert Norris the CEO puts this down to good quality, continuous investment in innovative products and new brands keeping the company in the forefront of this difficult market.
The growth has given a boost to the local economy with high quality new manufacturing jobs being created every month.

Mereway Kitchens Brands

Mereway have a number of brands now which does make the range confusing. They build Cucina Colore which is designed along the lines of Italian kitchens, the door finishes vary from gloss lacquer to wood veneer. Mereway complete are the more conventional kitchen designs and include modern and traditional styles and this is where you will also find shaker wood and painted kitchens. Trend kitchens are a new development and this is a wide ranging collection however this range is more price sensitive.
The English Revival collection is Mereway kitchens attempt at a more handbuilt look and it works really well. The design is Inframe where the door is built into a wooden frame to look like a more traditional build. These kitchens compete against the bespoke wood kitchens and if you want the look but not the price this is the one for you.

Mereway Kitchen Units

Mereway kitchen units are a class above the rest. They are fully factory built using a glue and dowel construction. This ensures absolute rigidity and nothing will move out of shape. The units have solid tops and rigid backs which keeps them square. Most kitchens and this includes German units, have 16 or 18mm sides however the complete Mereway unit is built from 19mm high density MFC.
The drawer boxes are 500mm deep full extension and all drawers and hinges have soft close as standard. You will find all the usual storage features and accessories and everything is prefitted before it leaves the factory.

How to buy Mereway Kitchens

If you have decided that Mereway is the product you would like to buy then you have several options depending on where you live. Mereway produce John Lewis kitchens so you can see and buy there. There are local showrooms throughout the UK and all will be able to design these kitchens to a high standard. The Internet cannot be ignored either and if you search for Mereway kitchens you will find companies that can provide an Internet design service and they will cut the price substantially.
Mereway are based in Birmingham and you can see this outstanding range at the factory..