Knowing When To Scrap Your Car And Get The Right Value For It

Cars can hold precious memories for most people, so when the time comes to scrap them a lot of people are overawed by emotion. However, what most people don’t realize is that they actually benefit by getting rid of these junk cars. You get to make some money and also avoid any more unnecessary expenditure. Even if people are willing to scrap their cars, they aren’t sure about when is the right time to do so. Due to lack of knowledge about cars, a lot of people fail to judge the condition of a vehicle and as a result, keep it for longer than they should. However, with a bit of guidance, you can learn the key elements of judging a car’s condition and deal with it accordingly. Here are a few tips to guide you in this regard.

Constant MOT Failures

If your car is constantly failing MOT tests, then it is time you had a long, hard look at your vehicle’s condition. MOT tests are basically done to ensure that the car is actually road worthy and without passing these tests, you can’t drive your car on the road. High repair bills and worn out parts indicate that the car has run the course of its lifetime. You should now look to scrap it as it is a more economical option.

Major Damage

If your car has experienced serious damage, then consider scrapping it. For example: If the car’s engine has collapsed, then the cost of rebuilding it will be more than the car’s total worth. Instead of spending the money on fixing it, you should take the alternate option and scrap it.

Little or No Market Value

Do some research in the market and find out the value of your car. Talk to some car dealers but if you don’t get any positive feedback, then its time you called the car scrappers. If you are wondering who will scrap my car, then don’t worry because there are numerous companies who would be happy to take your vehicle. If you don’t get any serious buyers for your cars, consider the cost saving option of scrapping.

Maintenance and Running Costs

If the maintenance and running costs of your car are incredibly high, then consider scrapping it. An old car is likely to consume a lot more fuel than a modern fuel efficient car. Even the costs of buying replacement parts can empty your pocket in no time. Instead of paying these outrageous costs, you should call the scrapping company.

Caring for the Environment

Your old gas guzzler will also cause harm to the environment. These old cars have more fuel emissions compared to modern cars. Reduced CO2 emissions will mean cleaner air and a safer environment. By deciding to have the car scrapped, you are contributing to the environment as all of your car’s metal will be recycled. Nothing goes to waste. Sometimes, the parts are even used on the other vehicles of the same model.


Nowadays, it is a lot easier to have your car scrapped. All you have to do is make a call and the scrapping company’s team will be over to collect the car. These companies are very helpful. They pay good money for your car and take it off your hands for good.

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