How To Rent An Office Space: A Guide To Practicality

How To Rent An Office Space: A Guide To Practicality

One of the annoying aspects when consulting about Hong Kong office rental or leasing a working space in other famous addresses in the world is that very often the ideas are very broad and one does not get full advice. Hong Kong office rental is easy and efficient if you’re a businessmen, home based entrepreneurs or other mobile workers, who are looking for specific ideas on how to find good, professional offices for work and to meet customers and clients.

In terms of cost or budget for office rent, it is not enough that one should be told that you have to set aside a specific amount. For example, if similar businesses are spending five percent of their gross sales for rent, then you have a specific idea how much rent should you allocate.

With regards to space, it is quite alarming if you only compute space requirement based on the number of employee or workers your company has or based on how often will you use it as in the case of mobile workers. You should also include ambience such as lighting arrangement; will it give correct illumination for your office? Ask if the office set up will give correct impression such as how will your clients react if your office space is located at the back end of the 32nd floor of the building? What other space requirements do you need; storage rooms? Show rooms? These are just some areas of considerations that you take note when renting an office.

As to rentals, it is wise to assume that it is not fixed. For example, there are peak seasons or bright economic prospects; you should be looking for an office space where there are few takers. You can also be able to negotiate for reasonable rates during hard times and the landlord believe that he or she does not want to have a white elephant; thus, compromise is acceptable. Also, you have to know how much rent increments are needed so that you can estimate your days with the office. It is a good suggestion that you consider consulting a real estate agent to help find offices with reasonable rates, good location, ample space, and with right features and services that you need.

Do not forget to consider reliability. It simply means that you have to check around if tenants are satisfied with the features and services the office building owner committed to their occupants. It is not enough that it has the requirements that you want, it should be functional as well. With that, you have to determine if there is a building manager that you can meet and discuss when problems occur, ask if it has available technical support or there are nearby offices you can contact with when you need repairs and maintenance relative to your business operation.

Indeed, there are more specifics that you need to consider about Hong Kong office rental or terms and conditions of renting an office in other cities but the ideas above will definitely help.