How to Find a Lift Chair that Fits Your Form

Lift chairs come in all shapes and sizes, unlike recliners, which typically exclude people on both sides of the tall and short spectrum. The incredible sense of variety definitely gives lift chairs the advantage for anyone who prefers a custom fit. Nothing feels better than lounging in a chair tailored to your form, but getting that perfect fit often proves more difficult than one would expect. Sizing chairs while comparison-shopping will leave you with dozens of specification sheets, swimming in measurements.
This quick guide will introduce you to a few of the measurements you’re likely to find on those spec sheets and we’ll help you determine what they mean in relation to your needs. Getting that custom fit is just a matter of knowing where to start.
The Very Basics
Before you pull out the tape measure, there’s a good chance you can narrow down the lift chair selection just by looking at the product name or even the product category (if you’re shopping online). Look for petite, small, medium, large, extra large, and wide/luxury sized chairs. These designations will provide a great place to start.
The size designations only cover the seats. Determining the actual “fit” the chair will provide depends on many other measurements, including the distance from the seat to the floor, and the distance from the seat to the top of the backrest. We love it when retailers keep things simple by offering short, medium, and tall designs – USMedicalSupplies is a great place to shop if you’re looking for a lift chair in a specific size.
Aim for Ideal
The seat width / seat to floor / seat to backrest combination is important to make sure that your feet are able to reach the floor without extending too far beyond the footrest, while ensuring that the backrest is the appropriate height. Why stop at the basics? There is so much variety out there that you might as well aim for a truly perfect fit if you get the chance.
You can’t measure these specifications in inches or pounds. You can’t find these important characteristics in product brochures or manuals. For information about the firmness or softness of the upholstery, and details about the height of the armrests or strength of the lumbar support, you’ll have to get creative. Turn to customer reviews or take some time to call the retailer directly. You may even be able to visit a local showroom to demo some of the more popular designs.
What happens if you find a chair within your budget that almost fits but doesn’t quite hit the mark? Ask for accessories! Many lift chair companies produce matching lumbar pillows, headrests, and footrest extenders in an effort to provide a more custom-tailored experience. You might be surprised at what you find.
Never stop searching for the perfect lift chair. Whether you’re shopping to improve your mobility or just want to increase the comfort factor of your favorite room, it is always worth the extra effort to secure an ideal fit. These chairs are big investment – you might as well make sure you’re getting something special in return.

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  1. Another good way to find the right size chair for you is to try to find one close to the size of your favorite chair. If you currently own the perfect chair, it would be good to get one the same size.

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