How Does The iPhone VPN Works

If you have an iPhone you have fiddled around endlessly in it, it’s a natural thing, and it’s a great time sink and also a great productivity tool for professionals who need to take care of their work on the go.
You must have come across the VPN feature of the iPhone, let us first understand what a VPN actually is.
VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, it’s a process by which a tunnel between you and a server is created which grants you access to browse the internet,
what this does for you is that when you connect your iPhone VPN in a public hotspot, you get assigned an IP from that hotspot, when you log in to the server the server assigns you another private IP from its own pool and gives you the option to browse anonymously, this protects your information from anyone who attempts to hack you or spam your device.
Ways to Connect iPhone to VPN
There are two ways you can connect to iPhone VPN, by configuring the VPN on your Device or by downloading a preconfigured client.
Both options are good, there’s no better option, creating your own client in your settings gives you a bit more customization options though but not a whole lot, as a rule of thumb the preconfigured clients work best for general use.
Types of VPN
There are two kinds of service providers you will deal with, one’s who provide the iPhone VPN service free of cost and the others who will provide the iPhone VPN service as a paid service.
The main difference between the two is their quality of service offering, and since there are a lot of providers out there there’s actually a huge spectrum, you may find that there are iPhone VPN providers that offer free services that are better than the paid services out there, and you might also find Paid Services that are extremely high priced but low quality.
And vice versa. It’s all about experimenting to see which suits you best, get short duration plans, a week or a month, and just simply switch if it doesn’t work well for you.
Whatever you decide you must be aware of one basic fact, the terms that the iPhone VPN provider offers are the most important thing you have to understand, some iPhone VPN providers (Generally Free Providers) offer their services totally free of cost but in exchange they take your browsing history and sell it to corporations to be able to place targeted ad’s based on your browser history in your computer.
Whether you are a professional or an individual user, you can benefit from the additional security in browsing that is provided by iPhone VPN.
One final thing you must keep in mind when you are selecting a paid plan, if in case your needs demand that you go for a paid plan rather than a free plan, make sure to check bandwidth allocation and download quota, most mention that the quota is unlimited but it still has a cap of around 10 or 20GB of downloading with an additional per use rate.
Make sure to read your fine print before accepting terms.
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The article is written by Gloria , she recommends the best VPN  for secure and safe internet browsing.