Home Improvement: How To Renovate Your Living Room On A Budget


To get the pretty Victorian look it’s all about the tradition furniture. Pieces in dark wood like bureaus and tables can really bring a room to life with this trend, as well as leather sofas draped in velvet throws. Junk and antique shop finds will also be perfect for the Victorian look and can be picked up really cheaply.
Search online for local car boot fairs and house clearances, where people will sometimes give-away quality furniture for free!
In terms of colours and soft furnishings, rich colours and thick textures look beautiful.
Try colour combinations like dark burgundy and gold or navy and silver. Fabric can be picked up at a much cheaper price than brand new cushions, so try and get crafty and cover some old cushions to bring them into the look of your new Victorian living room. Lots of detail like ornate photo frames and chandelier light fittings are perfect for the Victorian look and can be picked up for cheaper than you might think at hardware stores.


The minimalistic look is all about clean lines and blocks of colour. Minimalism doesn’t mean monochrome though, as you can introduce bright colours as highlights and simple prints such as stripes and polka dots. Clutter is a big no-no for minimalistic homes, so invest in some great storage facilities and embrace the space! There are no ornate decorations in the minimalistic style either, so if you want to show off your family memories choose block colour frames placed on top of clean and clear surfaces.
Ikea is fantastic for the minimalistic look, so head to your nearest Swedish haven and stock up for a fraction of the price.

Art Deco

The colour palette for this elegant 20s and 30s look consists of cream, beige and oyster with accents of gold and silver. Pair this with strong leather accessories such as armchairs and you can recreate the glamour of Art Deco in your own home. Add striking metallic accessories such as a large sunburst mirror and some photo frames to really bring the wow factor to your room. Ornate glass bottles make great focal points for the end of mantle pieces or hearths and can really bring the room décor together.


The Modern look is all about something a little bit different; it can be quite minimalist, but the modern living room loves a bit of asymmetry, so choose a big statement piece such as a sofa or a bookcase and build the rest of your room around it. Loads of gadgets and fun things to look at are also key for the modern look. Try and find some funky speakers for your sound system or go retro-modern with a lava lamp!
If you’re unsure about what lighting to choose for your Modern look living room, fear not; just make sure that it has a clean appearance. Anything vintage looking will seem out of place, so head to Ikea or Dwell for some great funky designs.

1950’s Vintage

As far as colours go for your Vintage 1950s living room, pastels will go a long way. Think Cath Kidston prints and lots of cushions. Patchwork throws and anything homemade can really bring the look together. Be creative and channel your inner Kirstie Allsopp for this trend, using bold designs such as stripes and polka dots in a rainbow of different colours, for whatever you create! A great vintage accessory can be a few lace doilies, they can be picked up for pennies at vintage shops and antique fairs, give them a new lease of life by dyeing them a pastel shade. They make great coasters if lined with felt or look lovely under vases filled with fresh flowers.
You could also create a feature wall with some vintage floral print wallpaper; this can really revamp your space for a lot less money than it would cost to wallpaper an entire room!
I hope this post has helped you develop some exciting ideas for revamping your home. If you have any other tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!

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