Growing Your Reach with Social Media

These days, opting for a social media business account is essential for reaching the generation of consumers who are constantly connected with others through social media outlets. In addition to having an account, you need people to connect so they will see all the helpful links and exciting content you provide exclusively through social media. Of course, you need to learn what type of content will garner a reaction and share, which will inevitably expand your reach. To do so, the following best practices should be part of your social media marketing strategy.

1. Tell People why to follow or Like your Business: 

If someone really appreciates your business, they may be willing to connect with you without needing a reason. Most people will need some convincing. You know what you’ll get out of having them see your social media messages, but you need to tell them what they will get. For example, invite people to get special offers and updates on new products, or let people know that you gather input for future product lines through social media.

2. Don’t forget the “Social” Part of Social Media:

Rather than constantly using social media as a way to encourage the purchasing of products, get your followers involved. Craft questions your followers will be interested in answering– subtly encourage them to consider your products. For example, if you sell gardening tools, you may ask what people are planning on planting in their gardens this month. People are much more likely to respond if you’re asking interesting questions, and their responses will help make your social media accounts more active so you reach more potential followers.

3. Tap into the Visual Side:

Think beyond text when you’re posting on social media. Although Twitter limits your messages to 140 characters, you can always link to photos and videos to provide a multimedia experience. Facebook is built around photos, especially with the latest updates to the design of the site that emphasize visual elements more than text. Users are much more likely to notice your posts if they include relevant photos. Therefore, share your brand through pictures, which can often display a lot more content in less time.

4. Link to your Blog Posts to Drive Traffic:

Chances are, you’re already blogging, so take the time to share these posts through social media accounts. Your blog posts should not be advertising your products, but rather, they should answer questions that your potential customers often ask. You want someone to notice the title or topic of your blog post in their social media account so they click through and read the post. As you build credibility, people may be more likely to conduct business with you, too.
With a little bit of work every day, your social media account can be thriving in no time. As you work on expanding your reach, consider the customer’s perspective on your actions. Your responsiveness and social interactions will go a long way in growing your business in today’s tech-savvy world.