Getting R75 Certified? Here’s What You Need To Know!

What is the R75 Certification?

What is the Checkpoint CCSE R75 certification you ask? Well, the Checkpoint CCSE R75 certification is a certification that is designed in order to test security experts and candidates that are security experts for their skills, their expertise and their potential in the field. The R75 certification certifies the person who obtains it and proves that they are perfectly capable of handling security operations. This includes taking care of all firewall related matters and all hacking prevention matters that may arise when a person is guarding the information that has been stored in information systems. Information systems security is one of the most important and essential fields in the IT world. In addition, that is the reason why information systems security personnel need to certify themselves. In addition, there is no better way of doing so except getting g certified under the R75 certification which has been introduced by Checkpoint.

Certification Exam

The certification is guarded by one and only one exam. This exam is the Check Point Security Expert R75 156-315.75 exam. Every candidate has to clear this exam in order to obtain their own Checkpoint CCSE R75 certification.

Exam Details

Date published: The exam has been discontinued, effective 31/12/2012.
Full exam code: Checkpoint 156-315.75
Full exam name: The Check Point Security Expert R75 156-215.75 exam.
Allotted time: The allotted time for this exam is 70 minutes.
Questions: This exam consists of 60 questions which have to be attempted by the candidate within the given time.
Accredited course and certification: The accredited course for this exam is the Check Point Security Expert R75 course and the accredited certification is the Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) R75 Certification.
Available languages: English.
Exam type: Proctored exam.
Exam provider: The exam is provided by many, many exam providers, the most known of which is Checkpoint itself.
Technology used: No technology has been used in order to prepare this exam.

Products that use the Skills that this Exam Tests:

• Security Gateway
• SmartReporter
• SmartProvisioning
• SmartWorkflow
• High Availability
• SmartEvent
• Management Portal.

What a Candidate Needs to Know

Here are the skills that a candidate must possess and the things that a candidate must know by heart in order for them to clear this exam with marks that will entitle them to their own Checkpoint CCSE R75 exam:

  •  Every candidate must know how upgrade and troubleshoot a clustered Security Gateway
  •  Every candidate must possess the ability to configure SmartDirectory for authentication services on the network
  •  A candidate must know how to troubleshoot user access issues
  •  A candidate must also know how to configure SecureXL and CoreXL acceleration solutions.

Mandatory Requirements

Below are the things that have been declared as mandatory requirements and have to be met by each and every candidate applying for a R75 certification exam:

  •  A CCSA R70 or R71 certification
  • 1 year of experience with Check Point products
  • A Check Point User Center account.