Frugal Driving Tips

If you’re like most people, you’re on a budget and have bills to pay. There are a lot of ways to trim expenses and save cash, but one of the most overlooked is the way we drive. Most of us drive every day while complaining about the cost of fuel, while doing very little about it. Below are some tips that will help you save money on gas and develop more sensible driving habits at the same time.
Fuel Economy Tips
The two main ways to save money at the pump are to drive less and improve your car’s fuel economy. Other easy ways are:

  • Regular vehicle maintenance
  • Properly inflated tires
  • No sudden stops and starts
  • No speeding
  • Lower vehicle weight
  • Drive at non-peak times (such as rush hour)
  • Consolidate trips
  • Carpooling/mass transit
  • Biking/walking to closer destinations

Maintain Your Car to Save Fuel and Money
When your BMW is running smoothly, the engine doesn’t have to labor as hard. It seems simple, but many drivers overlook the essential nature of vehicle maintenance. Most of the above tips are so simple that you’ll notice the savings almost immediately.
By keeping tires inflated to the proper pressure, your car will roll more easily and therefore use less fuel. Changing filters and oil regularly (every 3,000 miles) impacts fuel efficiency by increasing performance. Some people even believe that their car’s exterior cleanliness extends the time between costly fill-ups!
Cut the Weight
The more weight your Honda is carrying, the more fuel it will consume in order to do it. Clean your car regularly, especially the trunk. Remove items you don’t need, like baby gear, golf clubs, bags and the like. For every one hundred pounds you subtract, you can increase your fuel mileage by 1-2%. It really adds up!
Slow Down
Of all the tips we’re discussing, this one seems to be the hardest to follow. Many of us like to get where we’re going quickly, but being in a hurry means more money spent at the pump. At $3.00 per gallon, you’ll pay about 28 cents extra per gallon for every five miles per hour you go over the speed limit. Not only will you save fuel and money, you might just avoid a traffic ticket!
Run Multiple Errands in a Single Trip
We’re all busy, and if we don’t plan our trips, we can end up wasting fuel driving over the same route multiple times per day. Think about the area you’re in, and try to get all your nearby stops out of the way at the same time. You can also coordinate with neighbors and friends to carpool and combine errands; there are numerous Ride Share programs that will put you in touch with people going where you’re going.
Leave the Car in the Driveway
It’s just common sense that driving less saves money, and it’s simple to do, but most of us don’t change the frequency with which we get behind the wheel. If you live within a mile or two of wherever you’re going, consider biking, walking or skating. You’ll get extra exercise and fresh air too!

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