Five Ways We've Helped Employers With Their Employees

It’s not only in our personal lives that we sometimes need help and it’s not the only area that we have experience in. Read on to find out more about just some of the people we’ve helped.
Case 1: Keeping Busy
Perhaps one of the most notable cases we have been involved in is this one which involves some inappropriate office conduct and an unhappy superior. An employer came to us for help in cases of office theft from the store cupboard at his company and requested that we set up covert surveillance in the area to catch the culprit. We complied only to discover a different type of misconduct. The surveillance footage showed two employees becoming very intimate in the store cupboard on a regular basis during their office hours. Obviously this behaviour was deemed highly inappropriate and suitable action was taken against the pair.
Case 2: Case Closed
This case is one very similar to the one outlined above though in this instance the twist wasn’t quite as unexpected as the last. Again, a client came to us online with a problem of theft of company property, some of which was fairly costly. Finally the client had had enough and decided to take action by identifying the thief or thieves and this is where our services were required. Again, covert surveillance was set up and monitored until the employee responsible for the thefts was identified. Following the investigation, the client was able to take up proper disciplinary action against the culprit and the losses were redeemed.
Case 3: Boy Racer
The misuse of company property isn’t only restricted to theft at the office. Company vehicles often provide opportunity for misuse and are a good test of responsibility and reliability in an individual. A client came to us with concern that one of his vehicles was not being properly used and wanted to find out if his suspicions were correct. We decided that the best course of action would be to monitor the vehicle using GPS tracking which would allow us to identify where and when it was travelling. Using this satellite technology we were able to confirm the suspicions of the client and provide evidence that the individual had been using the vehicle for personal errands, violating his contract.
Case 4: Risky Business
This case example varies from the others illustrated here but is unfortunately not a particularly rare occurrence. The difference in this investigation was that the individual in question was the prospective business partner of the client. Before coming to a final decision on who should partner his company the client wanted to confirm their reliability with our help. After employing methods such as thorough background checks it soon became clear that the individual hadn’t been entirely honest with the client. It was discovered that the individual was operating under a false identity in the hope of escaping fraudulent charges help against them.
Case 5: Helping Herself
A young woman approached us with doubts over the honesty and trustworthiness of the domestic help she had hired around 3 months previously. After consultation with the client we set up covert surveillance in her property to monitor how she was interacting with the client’s young children and that she was caring for their home in the manner they expected. The video footage obtained showed some worrying results that led to immediate action on the client’s behalf. The surveillance revealed that the employee had been seriously neglecting the children and only becoming attentive just before the client returned home and that she had been taking several items from around the home.
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