Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is only once a year – what will you get him this time?
Whether he’s a young-at-heart thrill seeker or a slippers and pipe dad, there is something for everyone out there. Father’s Day has increasingly become a major event in the celebrations calendar, with special Father’s Day gifts and events now available around the country.
Whilst cynical detractors might grumble, Father’s Day is a great way to say thanks for all those lifts, pearls of wisdom and pocket money over the years. Read on to get some ideas for what you could get your dad this 16th June and how to make the day extra special.

A Tasty Dram

Most dads enjoy a relaxing beer or nip of whisky, and this year you could buy him an extra special bottle or two.
With Easter stocks of chocolate undoubtedly running low by the middle of June, a ‘Bars and Beers’ combo could give him the best of both worlds. With several varieties of jumbo-sized chocolate, your father can enjoy this package’s Old Porter ale whilst relaxing in his armchair. If you’re lucky, he might even give you a square or two of chocolate.
If whisky’s more his tipple of choice, you can’t go far wrong than by getting him a bottle of AnCnoc scotch. The Banffshire distillery is famous around the world for the flavour its spirits absorb from its white-oak, ex-bourbon casks. With 10 to 35 year old whiskies for sale, you can splash out as much as you want on your dad this Father’s Day.
While you’re at it, why not get him some whisky stones? These handy soapstone cubes will chill your dad’s drink without diluting it, making your Father’s Day gift taste all the sweeter.
And if beer or whisky isn’t your dad’s thing, then an award-winning bottle of Edinburgh Gin will make a great gift that won’t break the bank.

Let him Brew his Own

Dads tend to enjoy nothing more than pottering about in their sheds — so why not help him discover his next labour of love by giving him a home brewing kit to work on?
This kit (which comes in all shapes and sizes) will allow him to brew 40 pints of golden beer himself. Keeping him out from under your mum’s feet is just an added bonus.

Something to Nibble on

With summer approaching, barbeque season is once again upon us. Men like nothing more than being in charge of the grill, so a barbeque box could be a great way to get Dad ready for the meat bonanza. With a variety of sauces, marinades and vinaigrettes to play around with, your dad can rest assured that his burgers will be the best in town.
And if you’re feeling extra generous then you could even buy a special deli meat pack to get the first barbeque off to a flying start.
If barbeques aren’t you dad’s thing then a box of goodies from The Fine Cheese Company is likely to get you in his good books this Father’s Day. Coming with a creamy Petit Munster and three times world champion Von Mühlenen Premier Cru Gruyère, your dad will be enjoying some of the best cheese around for weeks to come.
What’s the best Father’s Day gift you’ve ever given? What do you have planned for the big day this year?

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