Enjoy These New Games On Your Android Device

If you do not like the way some of the big smartphone producers are selling, managing and locking people out of their apps and app stores, you do not have to worry. You can enjoy downloading cool games from www.general-play.com and add some fun into your life. Each year, new and cool games enter the market purely for your enjoyment. Some of the top games to enjoy this year are:
Arcane Legends
This is among the most amazing android games from Space time Studios. The developers of this game make use of Google’s ubiquity in that you can play it both in your smartphone and on your web browser. Primarily, the game involves fantasy battles, which are normally short about 5 minutes at the most. It is an excellent way to kill time while waiting on the line at the supermarket or the grocery store. The game involves the use of pets in the battles. If you are a lover of pets, then this is your game.
Dead space
EA has never disappointed when it came to producing some serious action games for the enjoyment of every generation. If you are interested in a real action game that has impeccable graphics that display gore details, then this game is for you.The sound effects are awesome as well. Dead Space is a story of a lonely superhero whose mission is to fight zombie monsters. Due to the graphical nature of this game, it is certainly not for the faint hearted.
Cut the rope
If you have been looking for a simple and attractive game for your kids to enjoy, thecutthe rope is a perfect match for you.Thissimple puzzle game never gets too complicated to execute even as you move from lower levels to higher ones. It has plenty of candy and cartoons, which have an appealing effect on young ones. The easy mechanics will draw your kids right away. However, the last few levels of the game get very complicated and can be challenging or frustrating for small kids.
Fruit ninja
The setup of this game is quite straightforward. You are playing as a shadow worrier who is practicing his or her sword skills by slashing all manner of fruits that show up on your screen. To play this game successfully, you have to learn to control your reflexes. If you are the sort of person who keeps everything bottled up, then you can blow off some steam with this game. Expect some screaming and sweating in this game.
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
This is the latest game from Gameloft. It is a mobile version of Call of Duty, which became a huge hit a few years back. If you are a fan of Call of Duty, you can now enjoy a version of it right in your smartphone device. It offers you a first-person shooter experience that is highly polished. The game is great on your device as it would be on your PS screen. The game is not for those faint at heart.