Discover How You Can Expand Your Career Opportunities With Apprenticeships

There being a cut-throat competition everywhere, it is getting difficult for people to secure a job and get their foot on the ideal career ladder for them. Reasons behind this are numerous. Firstly, you have the effects of the recession. The dreadful economic climate saw unemployment levels soar. This left lots of supply in the form of workers but not enough demand in the form of job vacancies. In addition to this, you also need to consider that more people have university degrees than before. Thus competition is tighter than it ever has been. This makes it difficult for people to stand out from the crowd. Nonetheless, there is one way you can give yourself a head start and this is through apprenticeships in Essex and other places around the UK.
An apprenticeship is whereby you have a real job yet you pick up the qualifications as you go. It not only paves the way for the necessary training you need, also rewards you with a salary. Anyone who is not in full time education and is over the age of 16 years old can apply. And the great news is that apprenticeships are available across a wide range of industries, including everything from finance to engineering to veterinary nursing.
There are many ways of seeking an apprenticeship for you to expand your career options. One of the main advantages an apprenticeship has over a degree is the fact that you get a real job experience. When individuals with a degree apply for a job they always need work experience too. Why? Well, they may have passed their course with flying colours, yet most university courses are highly centred on theory. This means students have the knowledge but they have never applied it before. You will be learning as you go along and thus you will have a distinct advantage because you have proven you can carry out the tasks expected of you successfully in a work environment.
And if that was not enough to convince you then the statistics back it up too. A recent Apprentice Learner Survey concluded that almost 90 per cent of apprentices are happy with the way their apprenticeship is going or has gone. Over three in ten people received a promotion afterwards. 80 per cent believe they have noticed improvements in their skills whilst 87 per cent feel more confident about their ability and future prospects. When you put these statistics into context they are remarkably impressive. It is unlikely you will see any other type of education or training option boasting such positive results.
If you are struggling to find a way of getting your foot in the door in terms of career possibilities then why not consider taking an apprenticeship? You will increase your skill set dramatically, feel more confident in the work place, also gaining more experience and thus your chances of securing a good job afterwards will increase dramatically. Not only this, but you will take home some money in the process too.
Author Bio –Ilena owns an advice website for young adults trying to make careers for themselves. She has noted that there has been an increase in apprenticeships in Essex lately and sees this as a great method of getting a job.