Choosing The Perfect Boot For Fall

Fall fashions are here and as many of you know, your choice in footwear can make or break your wardrobe. Boots have always been a popular choice, but it can be difficult to choose the perfect pair since they come in all shapes and sizes. Before purchasing your next pair of boots, you may want to consider what styles will best compliment your shape or body type.

Body Type

You may be wondering what your body type has to do with your footwear, but believe it or not, it can make a huge difference when looking for flattering boots. Think about it for a moment; if you have short legs, you do not want a boot that will make your legs look even shorter or add more bulk if you already have concerns about your weight. Before you go shopping, you may want to take a body type quiz to discover what styles will be most flattering for your figure. The six main body types are petite, rectangular, pear shaped or triangle, apple shaped or inverted triangle, and plus sized.


If you have a petite body shape, meaning a short stature with a small bust and narrow hips, you want to find a style that will elongate your legs. High heel and platform boots will give you extra height and those extra inches are especially important if you wear a skirt or dress with a hemline below the knee, which shortens your legs.  A pointed toe will also give your body a longer line and make your legs appear longer.  If you are wearing pants boots can be tricky, but a monochromatic look can add length.


If you have an athletic build with very little definition of your waist, you want to find a feminine boot. Stiletto-heeled boots are a great way to feminize a boyish build (body type with few curves) and look stunning on women with thin ankles and calves. Another way to add femininity is to choose a boot with a lot of embellishment such as buckles, straps, cutouts, or fur lining.


If you have envious curves and a defined waist, you want to find a sturdy boot that does not draw too much attention from your natural beauty. A cone heel is a great look that provides balance for your bodacious curves and durability. If you still want to add some height, you can pair it with a platform to gain some extra inches. You should look for a rounded toe that will mirror the curves of your body.

Apple Shaped

If you have a large bust, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist then you are considered an apple shape. A wedge heel is ideal for your body type because it provides a visual anchor, especially if you have slim ankles and thin legs. It draws attention towards your feet and gives your body a sense of balance.

Pear Shaped and Plus-Sized

If you are a pear shaped lady with curvy hips or have a few extra curves, you want to find a boot that is slimming and full-length. Women with these shapes tend to carry more weight in their lower half meaning they have thicker legs. Since the fit can be tricky, you want to find boots that hit you below the knee and avoid calf-length boots altogether. Knee length boots give your legs a longer appearance, especially if they are monochromatic. Pull-on boots can give your legs some extra shape, especially if they are snug around the ankles. Stacked heels tend to work best for women with these body types.

Tall and Slim

If you are tall and slim, you will be able to pull off just about any look; however, a flat riding boot is a great option. Unless you want the extra height you don’t need a heel, which is great news since flat boots are the most comfortable choice. You can also choose something that hits above your knee since you will definitely be able to pull the look off.
No matter what your body type or personal style, there are dozens of trendy designer shoes for you to choose from. You can look through magazines or fine online retailers to find the perfect boot for you.
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Written by Lori Miller Executive Buyer of Designer Shoes at Shirise. Lorie has 20+ years of experience in buying and outfitting women.