Choosing The Best Digging Tools For Landscaping

Quality landscape shovels are among the most useful of all professional landscaping tools.  Since digging soil is an integral part of landscaping, why not invest in landscaping tools such as garden trowels and shovels which will do the job well while making the work easier on you?  Same as with gardening, digging is a big part of metal detecting.  The following products used by metal detecting enthusiasts are equally helpful as landscape tools. The following are recommendations from expert Michael Bernzweig of Detector Electronics Corp.
Lesche Digging Tool with Left/Right Serrated Blades
The Lesche Digging Tool with Left or Right Serrated Blades are among the best garden trowels you can get for your landscaping work.  Cutting through roots and tough ground conditions is made easy with this Lesche digger.
Like all Lesche digging tools, this serrated digger is designed to be strong, durable, rust-resistant, and perfectly balanced.  With a five-year warranty against breakage under normal conditions of use, the Lesche digger is an impressive landscaping tool.  This quality digger is 12” long, weighs 18 ounces, and comes with a durable Lesche cordura sheath.
Lesche GS Ground Shark Shovel Model 38
Of all the lawn and garden tools a landscaper can invest in, those which make digging easier prove to be of the most benefit.  Whether you are digging the soil to reduce soil compaction or to incorporate in organic matter for fertilization purposes, the Lesche GS Ground Shark Shovel Model 38 is highly recommended among available tools for landscaping.

The total length of the Lesche GS shovel is 38”, and the digging blade is 3 ¼” wide by 12” long, which are considered moderate length and blade dimensions.  This rugged all-purpose gardening tool provides superior leverage, has an easy-grip D-style handle, and is easy to use in all types of ground conditions.  The blade is constructed of aircraft-quality steel, which is both rust resistant and extremely durable.  The blade, which includes a serrated edge for digging, is heat-treated.  Weighing in at 4 pounds, the Lesche GS Shovel is one tough landscaping tool.  This perfectly balanced, American-made shovel even feels like a quality lawn and garden tool.
The amount of work that goes into creating a beautiful landscape and keeping it well-tended demands excellent tools, particularly for undertakings which involve digging.  Soil aeration is just one of the many tasks which the Lesche shovel or digger will make easier.

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