Choosing Outdoor Storage

The choices available to homeowners for outdoor storage units are surprisingly varied to compete with equally varied homeowner needs depending on the size, weight and material of the items they intend to store. In fact, homeowners have just as many choices between their outdoor storage units as they do any other part of their home, and accordingly, the choices can be overwhelming for homeowners who don’t know where to begin.
But a careful application of some common sense will go a long way. The appearance and size of the storage unit are just as important as its durability and price, and the best home storage will vary from homeowner to homeowner.
Nevertheless, homeowners should introduce themselves to the basic choices of outdoor storage units available to them. Metal storage units, plastic storage units and wooden storage units are all widely available from retailers, but there is more differentiating these three top sellers than readily apparent.
Wooden Storage
Wooden units blend into outdoor settings and gardens, and unlike plastic and metal, wooden material is the prime surface for painting and other decorations. Unfortunately, wood is also susceptible to degradations that metal and plastic aren’t, including leaks, rot and splits. It’s recommended that wood units be routinely coated with wood protector to diminish the damage caused by the rains and weather that might otherwise warp the wood.
Metal Storage
The more expensive option comes in the form of metal storage units, which are stronger and sturdier than their natural counterparts. Metal is generally impervious to the rots and weathering’s that affect wood units, and as a result requires little in the way of maintenance beyond routine oiling for rust prevention. Metal units are also more secure than comparable units, offering greater protection than a wood or plastic storage shed. Metal units may also be a necessity for homeowners with larger items to store, as they come in larger sizes than wood units. Some metal storage units are even comparable to garages. But with the increase of choices for metal storage units comes specific problems associated with specific units, such as those made from metals other than galvanized steel, which are more susceptible to rust. Whereas wood storage units have a uniformity of material, metal storage units should be thoroughly researched before purchase. It’s recommended that homeowners purchase only those units made from galvanized steel, and preferably from sellers who offer extended warranties in case of unforeseen complications.
Plastic Storage
Plastic storage units are the ‘middle of the road’ choice for discerning homeowners, contrasting the generally maintenance-free experience of a metal shed with a flimsier experience that’s typically less durable than both metal and wood. Plastic storage units are also sold in smaller sizes than metal and wood units, which makes it ideal for some homeowners and absolutely unnecessary for homeowners with large storage items. The majority of plastic storage units produced today are manufactured from a controversial light material called uPVC, which can fade and warp if exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. Homeowner testimonies warn that plastic storage units exposed to the elements for too long become brittle and prone to breaking. Plastic storage units are also a stark contrast from an otherwise natural yard, standing against the natural grass, trees, and gardens.
The buyer might be the kind of the market, but homeowners need to temper their choices to best fit their needs. Among plastic, wood and metal storage units lies the ideal compromise for any given use, and it’s recommended that homeowners spend the time to figure out their own needs so that those needs may be matched with the best fit. Buyers hesitant of routine maintenance might prefer plastic units over wood units, while buyers on a budget should shy away from the heftier price of metal units. On the other hand, buyers that need the largest storage units available on the market will need to rely on the larger sizes available in metal units. Smart preparation leads to a smart purchase.

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  1. If you are trying to choose an outdoor storage unit for your home, you need to take into consideration the amount of maintenance you are prepared to do, what features are most important to you, what sort of budget you are on and most importantly what kind of look you are going for.

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