Bride, Groom and Flowers At The Indian Wedding

The beauty of a woman is best emphasized through the flowers that adorn her hair. True, but that’s not all. You must observed that flowers play an important part of the hall decor. From this one fact itself, you can draw the conclusion that flowers are extremely important in an Indian wedding.  They are quite auspicious and, without flowers, weddings are incomplete.
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Flowers that you will invariably find at an Indian wedding

Marigold, roses and jasmine

The prominence of marigold flowers in Indian weddings is significant. They are believed to bring good luck and happiness to the young couple. As they are brightly colored, the presence of these flowers will instantly brighten the room and make it pleasant. Hence, the flowers are believed to be the representation of the sun. In Hindu culture, you would also notice that the ever pervading Lord Vishnu and his consort, Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped with marigold flowers. There is another reason for using marigold – they stay fresh for 2-3 days and hence you will find them as a vital part of the card, door and room decorations. Roses are important at the Indian wedding, Roses come in different colors and make their way into the decorations, the brides headgear and for blessing the couple.

Flowers for the bride at the Indian wedding – mainly jasmine

By looking at any South Indian beauty, you would instantly be drawn to her long hair adorned with sweet smelling jasmine flowers. A handful of jasmine flowers would be enough to scent a whole room, so you can just imagine what yards of those would do to the bride’s hair. A woman wearing jasmine on her hair would not need any ornamental tiara or complex head gear; these flowers would serve their purpose of making her look fresh and simple.  Lilies, orchids and roses are flowers that women wear on their hair. Of course, jasmine would be the main flower and the rest of the flowers would complemented it. Some brides at the Indian wedding would like to adorn her waistline to accentuate its shape, of course, it all depends on the creativity and imagination of the beautician.

Flowers for the groom

The arrival of the groom in a horseback is one of the most important rituals in an Indian wedding. The baraat will be met by the bride’s family and escorted to the mandap (where the actual ceremony is conducted). The groom wears a floral headdress made of jasmine and marigold to ward off evil spirits.

Flowers for the bride and groom

When the bride and the groom get married they exchange flower garlands (made mainly with roses and an assortment of other flowers). The mandap they get married in is extravagant with a huge canopy for white carnations. Once the marriage is completed and the bride and the groom take 7 wows around the sacred fire, the guests present  at the ceremony make it even more auspicious by throwing rose metals at them. Baskets of rose petals are passed around and everyone gives their blessings and help ward off evil spirits.
Flowers make the whole room resplendent with flowing energy, don’t you think?  Even if you cannot afford flamboyant decorations on the venue, you can use flowers to create different motifs.