An introduction to the Save the Date Wedding Card

This article introduces the reader to the concept of these cards and explains the reasons for using them and the design and layout.
These cards are a relatively new product to the greetings card market. They are intended to advise of the date of a future wedding only, asking guests to keep the date free if they wish to attend the wedding
Reasons for Sending
When planning a wedding, the bride and groom will want as many as possible of their family and close friends to be present at the event. They will also want everyone to know that they have become engaged and are now planning for their special wedding day. It is therefore becoming much more common for save the date wedding cards to be sent to all the intended guests asking them to merely keep that date free in their diaries, pending receiving the formal wedding invite. The reason for doing this is to give as much advance notice of the date of a forthcoming wedding as possible, before any formal arrangements such as venue or dress code or wedding lists are formalised. This means that the formal wedding invitations can be sent out relatively close to the wedding date, once all the arrangements for the wedding have been finalised and all details such as map of the venue and RSVP cards can be included with the wedding invitations.
Design and Layout
The cards themselves usually tend to have a very simple design and wording, merely stating the bride and groom’s name and the date of the wedding. They do sometimes state the location of the wedding if it is known at the time of sending the cards. They also often state the formal wedding invitation will follow in due course. There are different varieties of cards available such as Evening Invitation, Wedding Blessing or Civil Partnership ceremonies. The cards tend to have a simple theme (that will not clash with the theme of the wedding once that has been decided) such as cream roses, or wedding rings, or the names of the bride and groom intertwined. One further interesting design idea which is now becoming available, is magnets which have the same save the date information on them but can be adhered to a fridge door or notice board, serving as a constant reminder of the wedding date. These have the added advantage of also being very decorative as the magnets usually have a lovely design.
In conclusion, these save the date wedding cards will serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they ensure that as many of the desired wedding guests as possible will be keeping the date free to attend the wedding of their family member or friend and they are also a lovely way of announcing to everyone that the couple are engaged and are now planning their wedding. This helps to build the excitement for both the bride and groom and the invited guests, from the moment the engagement is announced and the wedding planning starts.
Sarah Gosling writes regularly on special occasion etiquette and in particular has an in-depth knowledge of traditional wedding ceremony formats and customs. She has written articles for a number of wedding and general interest female websites and magazines. Click here for more details.