5 Ways Not To Use YouTube For Marketing

Any Marketing strategy is controlled by external environmental conditions. Technology today, is a strong market driving force. As a young entrepreneur, the best medium to promote your product or service is the internet. Online promotion has created a unique web presence for all kinds of commodities and services. Services like SEO, link building, promotions through video and blogs are the best ways to target audience. It is now being said that if you want to make big bucks the best thing is to collaborate with YouTube. Much advertising revenue is created through YouTube with Pay-Per-Click. Good themes and scintillating page customization provides the right exposure for your company website.
Though those in the online business shower accolades on all the additional bonuses and features available to them from marketing through YouTube, there are a few pointers that can help a newbie understand the concept better. There are things that must be done and things best left alone. Discussed here are 5 methods for not using YouTube for marketing.
Concept vs. Content
Good content does not guarantee right conversion into a good concept video. Great concept and substance can only get the right kind of audience towards your video. To get thousands of viewers you must strike the right chords with your audience in order to get your message across. Often remixing videos and audios, clipping videos and optimization does not result into an element of surprise. In fact, in order to make a good concept you forget to focus on the topic. Therefore, new marketers should avoid YouTube as their first interface with their target audience; stick to content and not concept.
Understanding Levels of Your Audience
A text message is definite and clear. Extracting message from a video can be different for different viewers. Often the core content can be misjudged or wrongly analyzed. People will watch your video and will not be able to derive right conclusions. If you are unsure about your target audience then avoid YouTube
Alluring Videos
There is no assurance that a web audience will watch complete promotional videos. Hence, it becomes mandatory that the intro to the video captivates the viewers and keeps them glued. Remember slow connections and shorter attention spans of viewers are the biggest threat for video promotion through YouTube. To play it safe do not spoil your content by using interrupted YouTube videos, it creates a strong dislike amongst the audience
Freshness Factor
People always look for fresh videos on YouTube. So what happens to videos posted earlier, for promotion? Refreshing or reloading videos does not solve the purpose because every video has a shelf life of a few days. After which, the video is automatically removed from the most viewed list. If you want to create uniqueness in your online promotion do not bank on old YouTube videos, you will not get right kind of web presence
Rules Are A Big Restriction
Strongest point in 5 Ways Not to Use YouTube for Marketing is stringent YouTube rules. In order to maintain YouTube partnership you have to follow strict rules and regulations. There are stern rules in optimization and designing processes. Good examples of which are:
If you are a partner of YouTube, you cannot direct audience using gimmicks or arrows towards your video.
Partners cannot upload misleading images along with their ads.
Often smart online marketing tactics fall flat due to these restrictions. This is the major drawback of using YouTube for marketing. Instead of a YouTube, go for optimization of your website or blog from which you can benefit more.
Is it worth?
YouTube marketing has both advantages and disadvantages. If you are very sure of your content, your audience base and have enough time and money, you can definitely try your luck.

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