5 Things To Seek When Investing In Vending Machines

For many people, vending machines can be a fantastic investment. This is because they don’t require cold calling or aggressive sales, and they provide a great profit margin and are pretty low maintenance in comparison to other opportunities.
However, not all companies are created equal when it comes to purchasing your machines and getting them serviced. Here are five things to seek out from a company before making any purchases.

  • Guarantees for Shipping

The first thing you want to look for is a business that will make sure that your machines arrive safe and sound. You don’t want to have to fill out lots of forms to file a claim with shipping carriers, because that simply wastes time when your item could be earning you money. Go with an organization that will resolve issues quickly and with ease, if something does happen

  • Warranties for Workmanship and Materials

If your item isn’t functioning correctly, you may not be making money—and that’s a definite problem. This is why you have to choose those who make their products well, but also those that offer at least a 7-year limited warranty or something similar. This kind of warranty should cover all of the parts of your selling station, as well as both workmanship and materials in case anything was to break down.

  • Protection Against Theft or Vandalism

Another concern that many investors have is that their commodity could be damaged in some way by outside forces. These can include vandals, thieves or even things like fires. Organizations should offer you a 50 percent deductible (as a kind of insurance on your investment) on all stations or parts needing replacement, as long as a police report is filled out to back up the event.

  • Locked in Product Prices

Rising prices are a fact of life, but they don’t have to be something that taps into your profits. A truly amazing manufacturer will actually guarantee that you will receive the same product prices with distributors as the first day you start.

  • Help Whenever You Need it – From Real People

It stands to reason that when we embark on a new endeavor, we may need a little bit of help on the way. A company that provides actual people to coach you can make starting and maintaining your technology/merchandise easy.
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