5 Easy Solutions To The Most Common E Cig Battery Snags

As more and more commercial facilities have adopted strict laws against smoking and tobacco use around their premises, electronic cigarettes have heroically stepped in to save the day. Needless to say that ever since their launch on the market several years ago, their safety and functionality have helped the trend grows in popularity.
While there are numerous electronic cigarettes on the market nowadays, obviously no e cig is like the other. Nonetheless, most of them have one thing in common, namely the fact that they are powered via the battery.
Browsing through various specialized forums and sites, I’ve come across numerous factors that can trigger battery malfunctions. Let’s summarize the most common problems associated with e cigs batteries and how you can fix them.

  • Out of order

The out of order warning can be associated with a poor contact between the filter and the battery. In order to fix this issue you will have to disassemble the electronic cigarette and check whether or not the hook between the battery and filter is unsteady. If this is the case and your e cig is still in warranty, you should contact the retailer/manufacturer.
It is necessary to mention that this glitch can also appear because the battery is exposed to moisture. Similarly to the aforementioned situation, you will have to detach the battery from the filter and verify whether there is any noticeable fluid on either of these parts. In general, you can dry out the filter/battery by placing it in a small bag of rice or a special ziplock bag for 24 to 48 hours.
However, it is highly recommend that you don’t attempt to use the electronic cigarette before you fixed the leaking filter. At the same time, it is best to avoid connecting the device to the charger, as you risk short-circuiting the cigarette.

  • Disconnects

If you are constantly experiencing disconnects with your e cig, especially after you have recently changed the batteries, then it is very probably because they are improperly placed in their designated slot. More often than not, taking the batteries out and hooking them back again will solve your problem. If this universal solution didn’t do the trick, then I suggest contacting your electronic cigarette retailer or manufacturer.

  • Turns hot during charging

From what I could read on the e cigs forums, the LIPO batteries have a tendency of getting warm during charging. However, in the eventuality that the batteries get extremely hot, meaning to the point when you can’t safely touch them, you should immediately remove the charger to avoid unwanted accidents. After they are cooled, you should take them out and throw them away as they are no longer be safe to utilize.

  • The batteries don’t charge

In normal conditions, the red light should come on as soon as you connect the device to the charger and turn green when the batteries are full. In case you do not notice the red light when you connect the charger, then there are high chances the adaptor is malfunctioning. In order to verify this hypothesis, you should try charging the e cig with a car or an USB cord adapter. If the red light still doesn’t flash, then it is a clear indicator that the batteries are faulty and need to be changed.
Directly related to the charging issue is the lack of flashing when puffing from the electronic cigarette. In spite of the fact that it may sound ridiculous, the most common reason why the electronic cigarette does not flash while puffing is that the batteries need charging. Yes, people tend to forget about this and it actually happens very often. Therefore, in order to manage this glitch, connect the e cig to the charger, check to see the red light signal and disconnect it from the adaptor when the batteries are full (green light).

  • Inferior quality

Because the battery manufacturing is not in the direct control of the electronic cigarette retailer, there is a chance that your device came with inferior quality batteries. This is a common problem with mass production batteries, for which the manufacturing process cannot guarantee excellent performance. This is essentially why it is highly advisable to only acquire e cigs and related accessories from trustworthy retailers.

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