4 Awesome Architectural Ideas for Your Beachfront Home

If you’re going to purchase a beachfront home, you may as well go to the extreme and implement some amazing architectural plans into the home to give it that unique and spellbinding quality that will make people’s jaws drop to the ground and their eyes flare green with envy.

There aren’t many people who can take a walk on the beach and not look up at the homes that overlook the sea and think “I wish I lived there”, and if you have the opportunity to do so, you should grasp it with both hands and make is as awesome as you possible can (within budget, of course).

Some of the most extravagant beach home ideas belong to the celebs, but there are plenty of cool architectural moves you can make to cause people to stop and wonder “who lives in a house like that?”

Let’s take a look at some of these grand designs:

The Glass House

Not recommended if you like to walk around with not much on, but very, very cool, a beachfront home with huge glass windows is guaranteed to grab the attention of passers-by. It is also great for your property as it allows for maximum natural light to enter your property, and makes full use of that ocean view that is the biggest selling point of your beachfront home.


The Piece of Art

Who says that your home can’t be a piece of art? OK, so you may need the budget of an A-List Hollywood actor to pull this one off, but why not dream a little? There have been some great architectural wonders when it comes to newly built homes, and if you are going to go all out to design a beachfront home, you may as well build one that is going to get a reaction from the crowd. Take a look at this waterfront wonder from Peru for a stunning example of home = art.

The Environmentalist

Sometimes being flash isn’t always the best way to get a positive reaction for your home. The Australians are renowned for creating sustainable and low maintenance homes that can guzzle solar energy and help you live a more relaxed, chilled out beach life. You can build these homes with timber and stone and get up and running with a quality home that keeps your energy consumption down and allows you to spend more money on the beach lifestyle.

The Box Ticker

Whether you want to live the low-key beach lifestyle or make your home party central, you should definitely consider making your home accessible to everyone. The majority of beachfront homes are elevated, which means heading up and down flights of stairs multiple times. This can be tough for even the fittest of beach dwellers, but really difficult for less able bodied people or the elderly, who may struggle with your steps.

One way that they deal with this in the Houston area is to have residential cargo lifts. These are incredible popular in coastal areas like Galveston Beach and Corpus Christi Beach, where beachfront living is a popular and sought-after lifestyle. There are cargo lifts in Houston that can transport everything from people, vehicles and anything else you might need to get from the ground floor to your home. Whatever kind of soiree you might be throwing, you want everyone to be up there and having a great time, not puffing and panting with exhaustion!