3 Proven Headline Styles to Get More Readers and Prevent Them from Parting

Content is the king even today for a successful SEO for your site or blog. The very first and primary element of any content style is the headline or title that indicates the relevancy with respect to what the reader is looking for and interest that it can invoke in her or him. Usually, the purpose of a title is to arouse curiosity and ensure valuable content ahead so that the readers feel like clicking it. However, now the question arises as to how to form or get such a title? Well, a straightforward reply is to research and practice with some creativity.
As a fact, the most successful titles for online posts and articles are revised versions of the headlines found in newspapers and ads. A simple process of reforming the headlines with little touch of creativity can give you really invigorating titles for your posts. So, if you do not have time to research, then here are some most interesting headline styles to go for!

Thoughtful or Alerting Style

This style will make the readers think instantly of their own life events because of the innate desire to get rid of the risk factor involved. For example, titles such as ‘5 Unnoticed Blunders that Can Harm Your SEO Efforts’, ‘Is Gold IRA the Right Investment for Your Retirement’, or ‘Will Your Site Be Safe from the Next Google Update’ are most intriguing titles that can encourage the visitors to read your posts without any delay. This is because they do not want to appear in the danger zone, neither by Google nor during the retirement. Anybody would always wish to be safe, whether it is the matter of professional interest or personal well-being. After all, the underlying fear for danger always pushes one to know more.

Procedure-based or Guide-Oriented Style

This is another style that has proven its effectiveness to attract more clicks from the visitors. Examples include ‘Quick Guide to Smart and Affordable Financial Planning for Retirement’, ‘5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your First Blog in 10 Minutes’, 3 Unknown Ways to Earn Money from a Blog’ and ‘How to Introduce the Classic Start Menu in Windows 8’. Most visitors on the Internet crave for information that is related to performing or learning something.
Although there are many such articles on the World Wide Web, they are not going to be sufficient to meet the changing and rising needs of the lookers. Therefore, it makes sense to educate the readers on how to perform something, which is a free and valuable opportunity to learn something in 5-15 minutes. The challenge here is to make the title deliver a clear and real promise! For example, a title like ‘How to Earn 4-figure Amount Online in a Month’ is something that is unrealistic and is bound to spoil your reputation. So, be very rational while forming such titles. Avoid adding any fantasy that cannot be converted into a reality.

Soothing or Easing Out Style

This style entails titles such as ’10 Secrets of Reducing Stress at Office’, ‘3 Tips to Increase Productivity with Less Employees’, and ‘Top 5 Smartphones under $200’. Each of these titles either removes confusion or reduces the difficulty level involved in the tasks that the reader needs to perform. Such titles usually act as money savior or health protector for your readers. This is why many people look for tips and tricks for quick or safe completion of a task. Such titles help readers to ease their burden and simplify their lives due to which they will remember you forever throughout their life.
Bio: James White is an Internet marketing expert in a company in downtown Los Angeles. He works aims to become a legendary name when it comes to formulating innovative Internet Marketing or SEO strategies, like those of Eric Schiffer.