3 Personalised Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

Shopping for someone else is always difficult and when it’s for a loved one the pressure is high. An idea always seems to come to mind but then actually finding that certain gift can be impossible. It’s enough to drive you insane when you have the perfect gift in mind but have to settle for what you can find. So what about going that extra mile and purchasing something that no one else could possibly have, a personalised gift. The availability of online shopping means that with a few clicks of your mouse you have designed and sent what you want to be made to the factory. It’s simple and accessible to everyone. The following article lists three standard personalised gifts that anyone would be lucky to receive.

Personalised T-shirts

Yes, you could just go to the store and purchase another generic t-shirt which you are bound to see someone else wearing or you could get one made. This sounds like a hassle but honestly all you have to do is come up with an idea. Just think about the person that the present is for and consider what their favourite things are. It could be a band they love or an artist; there really is no limit but that of your imagination. Personalised t shirtsare perfect presents for people who love objects that serve a purpose and hate clutter.

Printed Canvas

No more frames, they can look rather bulky and can also distract from the beautiful photo they are meant to compliment. A printed canvas has a sleek look to it that almost makes appear as though it belongs in a gallery. It’s also quite easy to get done; you can either go to an actual photograph printing store, online or a large shopping centre like Big W or Kmart. The perfect present for that family member or friend who is surrounded by blank walls or who has just moved.

Custom phone case

We all know that the amount of phone cases available is almost infamous, especially for iphones. They are a way of accessorising your phone and expressing your personality. Yes, a mobile phone has the ability to hold thousands of photos but a custom phone case is not only pretty to look at but also protective. It’s also a great way to share the photo with friends. This is the perfect gift for someone that is always on the go or a workaholic.
This article only mentions three gift ideas but there are so many more out there, you just have to begin your search. A personalised gift shows a great deal of effort exhausted to give your loved one something that is one of a kind. The perfect gift for the person who has everything, something has yet to be made.
Written by Jasmine Poole
Jasmine has a strong passion in DIY art and craft. Apart from sharing her inspirations on various blogs regularly, she also runs stalls at local markets, selling all stuffs hand made by herself. She is currently working on designing personalised t shirts for her sister’s hen’s night.