10 Reasons Why Serviced Offices Are Good For Startups

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses in their homes. As the business starts to grow, the need for an office comes up, bringing up worries of investment and management. That’s when a serviced office option starts to look appealing – a full-fledged office with zero responsibility.

Ready to Move In

The great thing about serviced offices is that they come fully furnished and equipped. They can also be customized based on your business requirements. All you have to do is sign the lease and get your visiting cards printed.

Allows You To Test The Waters

Test the waters to find out what kind of office you’ll eventually want. Based on your business expansion plans, you can evaluate how many staff members you’ll need, how much parking you’ll need, how many meeting rooms you’ll need and so on.

Saves Money

You can save some money by using a serviced office instead of investing in a conventional office and furnishing it yourself.  In fact, you can continue using a serviced office for a long time and save the money towards other needs.

Improves Your Company’s Image

Not having any kind of office might work for some internet-based companies but not all companies. Serviced offices provide a great way to upgrade your company’s image with a physical office presence at a prestigious address.

Protects Your Privacy

You could continue operating out of your home’s garage, but you don’t want clients and service providers knowing where you live. A serviced office is a great way to protect your family’s privacy while maintaining a professional image.

Upgrade Only When You Need

You’ve made business plans but somehow things are not happening as fast as you want them to. Use a serviced office, and pay by the hour for client meeting rooms and conference rooms. Rent only a basic office space with secretarial land business support.

Enjoy the Flexibility

Once you set up your own conventional office and pay for everything, you cannot just up and move when you want. With a serviced office you can move at any time, with hardly any loss. All you do is work your lease, pack your belongings and walk out.

Work Without Worries

You’re a startup; you don’t want to worry if the elevator is repaired or why there’s no water in the water cooler. All that will be taken care of by the service office operator, which frees you from worry and lets you work on your core business in peace.

No Staff Horrors

If you don’t a particular staff member, you can ask the serviced office operator to replace that person. There’s no need to worry about hiring, training, attrition, notice periods and all that. You’ll have to train your staff to handle your business, but that’s about it.

Display Your Own Signage

Most serviced offices allow you to put up your own signage at the door and reception. This makes the office completely yours, and your clients will truly believe that it’s your own office. If your business stays the same in size, you can use a serviced offer for ever.