What Is A Business Coach?

Everyone has heard the word coach before.  A coach is someone usually associated with athletes, who work with them to help them reach their maximum potential.  Sports coaches cannot give you the drive to reach Olympic status, nor can they make you get out of bed and show up for training every day, but an athlete with determination, can reach seemingly impossible heights with the help of the right coach.  In business, the same basic principle is true.  If you have the drive and determination to create a business, or become a better manager, a business coach can help you strategize and work toward your goals.  There are several aspect of business where employing a business coach may help you to reach your goals.  While some business coaches cover all aspects of business, others are more likely to focus on a particular specialty area.
There are three main areas where you may be able to benefit from the direction of a business coach.  When you are starting out, a general planning coach can help with a broad range of issues from beginning financial practices like lining up investors, to hiring and other personnel management.  Once you have established your business you may want to bring in a business coach who specializes in marketing and public relations.  Finally, the third type of business coach is a financial planner who will help you not just educate yourself about the money matters in your business but also set goals to achieve higher profits and create a more financially productive business.
General planning coaches are very important, especially for small businesses that are just starting out or businesses who find themselves in trouble in more than one area.  These coaches are also the most productive when it comes to helping to find ways to motivate your management and other employees.  A general business coach can provide insight and tips for how to deal with your employees more efficiently and how to create a work environment that will award success.  These business coaches are able to offer advice that will help maintain the overall health of your business or organization.
Sometimes people create an amazing product or provide a wonderful service but have no idea how to market their business.  Marketing is a skill that takes years to develop and often new business owners struggle to find a place in the advertising world for their product.  A good marketing or promotional business coach can help you expand the reach of your product beyond the expected market.  They can also help established businesses rebrand their products and identify the best way to market their products or services to the rapidly changing tastes of the youth market.
Finally, no matter how much we want our business to make an impact on the world, or our products to become iconic, the bottom line of business is about money.  The best intentioned business cannot survive without producing a profit.  A financial business coach can make suggestions about and help you better understand the fiscal needs and direction of your company.
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