Storing your Show Car in the Off Season

If one of your life’s passions is that classic car you show during the summer time, then properly storing it in the off-season if as vital as making sure your children get their yearly vaccinations. If you are thinking of freeing up some room in your garage for new projects, then you may want to visit US Storage Search and look for a good facility that will watch over your old classic, as it was their very mother.
What is involved?
Storing your classic car is not rocket science, as much as you love her. But if you are storing the vehicle for a prolonged period of time you should definitely find a facility that offers indoor storage, as it is safer for the car, better protects it, and will make your insurance cheaper. Also, be prepared to show proof of insurance and ownership of the vehicle. Here are some storage tips:
·      Make sure the coolant levels are appropriate
·      Change the oil and filter
·      Make sure the tires are inflated to proper pressure
·      Wax and clean the car
·      Cover any chrome parts, as well as the dash and interior
·      Crack the windows
·      Release the parking break
·      Lock the doors
·      Bleed the brake system
In an article by Cruise News, the author states that the classic car owner should never neglect the tires. The author advises readers to use a solvent-based dressing to repel moisture that will prevent the tired from drying and cracking. The article also advises readers vacuum the interior and remove anything that you don’t want sitting in your car for long term. The author says that a ballpoint pen could freeze and leak ink all over your precious, original interior. Make sure to check under the seats and leave no corner unturned before storing your car.
Finding a storage facility with state-of-the-art security is vital to your car’s safety. After all, would you let your daughter skip merrily down the streets of Oakland at night? For some reason, storage facilities (ones with poor security anyway) tend to draw the strangest people. Hobos will claim lockers as their real estate, and they are havens for drug pushers and “ladies of the night”. The last thing you want is some homeless guy living and washing himself in the backseat of your 1959 Aston Martin DBR1.  Avoid the facility with the chain-length fence, the pit bull growling in the yard, and the padlock security system. Some wire cutters, cold cuts, and a bold cutter are the only things needed to take your car away from you. Instead, use a facility with high, solid walls, 24-hour surveillance, and a security system with a required key code for entry.
Finding the Right Sitter
Finding a storage facility to house your car is like finding a trustworthy babysitter to look after your toddler. Do your research and check the facility’s customer reviews. You may even want to contact the nearest police station and ask for crime report statistics in that area. Taking the time to look after your automotive baby will give you peace of mind in the winter knowing that she is safe and sound and resting up to be showed in the summer time all over again.
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