Practical Feng Shui Tips For Your Bathroom

If you have a bathroom that always seems to be cluttered and there is not enough room to turn around in, you can fix that using some simple Feng Shui principles. The principles involved in Feng Shui decorating use the different compass points as areas that can bring in different types of energy.

The Location of Your Bathroom in Regards to Feng Shui Energy

If your bathroom happens to be positioned over the main entrance to your home, you should take extra care to keep the room clutter free because a lot of energy moves through the front entrance. A good way to keep clutter organized in a bathroom is to invest in some wire baskets which can be hung from the wall or ceiling. Items such as toilet paper and toilet bowl brushes should also be kept out of sight by placing them inside an enclosed cabinet.
While it might be difficult to imagine your bathroom being connected to different energies, it can be located in an area designed to affect love or money energy. Designing a bathroom located in the love energy zone can be accomplished by incorporating earth tone colors as well as more passionate colors of red and orange. The earth tones keep the room grounded and stable while the passionate shades add zest and spice. A bathroom in the love area can be enhanced with the addition of a tub or shower for two.

Adding Elements to Bring Mind, Body and Spirit Together

The energy associated with Feng Shui is also associated with the body, mind and spirit of the people in the home. The bathroom has a central focus on water, which should be used in a way that allows the water to circulate freely. All of the water appliances in the bathroom should be kept in good working order to prevent the energy from stagnating. Water is also used for healing so your bathroom should have a tub large enough to relax in.
To create an atmosphere for relaxation light wood products should be used for the cabinets. Light plays a key role in energy transmission so a bathroom should have plenty of light from windows, skylights or installed wall or ceiling lights. Natural light is also preferred when working with Feng Shui because it allows the energy to flow freely throughout the room. Painting the walls white and adding white curtains and towels will also help create a sense of balance for the mind, body and spirit.
Another way to increase the health properties found in a bathroom is to bring in natural plants. A plant can be hung from the wall or ceiling so it doesn’t need an extra shelf or floor space. Plants produce a lot of positive energy which is why they are located in rooms designed with Feng Shui.

Tips to Avoid Losing Positive Energy

Just as there are certain items designed to bring energy into your bathroom, there can also be items which draw energy out of the bathroom. The biggest problem in a bathroom are the drains. The nature of the drain and pipe system is to draw water away from the room. To avoid having positive energy drawn out of the room all drain openings should be covered when not in use. It is also helpful to have flushing systems for toilets which create a minimum of noise.

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