Losing Weight through Gastric Bypass: What It's All About

Why do people resort to extreme measures such as gastric bypass just to lose weight? Well, aside from the fact that excess weight is unhealthy and can be life-threatening, excess weight can also be very damaging to a person not only physically but also psychologically.
Generally speaking, people who are overweight or obese have problems that normal-sized people do go through and may not even realize.  Some, especially those with extreme weight problems are not able to live normal lives. They are not able to form lasting relationships, are not able to enjoy the simple things in life, and are more prone to depression and other physical, mental, and emotional problems.
Common Problems of Obese Individuals
One good example of a problem that extremely overweight people have is with public transportation. Most seats in buses and planes are designed with the average-sized passenger in mind. Of course there are a few exceptions to this, like there are buses and planes that are now providing seats for bigger passengers, but not very many. This limitation in the availability of seats in public transportation fit for big individuals affects the mobility of the overweight and the obese.
The same can be said about entertainment facilities like movie houses and amusement parks and playgrounds. People who are extremely heavy and big are not allowed to enjoy rides in amusement parks basically because they will not fit in the seats as the seats are designed with the average-sized user in mind. This is also true to movie house seats.
These two common problems, for a normal sized person, may not be difficult. But for someone who feels different or discriminated because of size and weight, it is a big thing because it affects the quality of their lives.
What Is Gastric Bypass?
Gastric bypass is a medical procedure, a surgery which is done to create a small stomach pouch aimed at restricting food intake. After the gastric bypass surgery, the person will have a much smaller stomach and will only be able to eat very small quantities of food. The surgery also involves the creation or construction of bypasses in the small intestine and the duodenum which is done to cause malabsorption. What happens is this: because of the ‘rerouting’ of food, the body will not be able to absorb calories and nutrients from the food eaten.
Because of the reduction of food intake plus the malabsorption of calories and nutrients, people who have this surgery eventually lose weight. For this very reason, gastric bypass surgery is the most sought after lose weight procedure in the United States.
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