Is It Really Worth Making An Effort To Be Green?

A lot of us got excited about going green a few years ago and did what we could to help the planet. However, enough time has passed for us to wonder whether it was really worth it. Are our efforts in vain or is there some evidence which shows that all the good work is having an impact?
The Statistics
Perhaps the most heartening piece of recent news was that the UK was the top country in Europe in terms of cutting its emission of greenhouse gases in 2011. In fact, most of the countries on the continent are on course to meet their Kyoto targets. This kind of statistic can help keep us on course so let’s go on and see what the next step in our green home process could be.
Collect and Use Rainwater?
It is amazing how much rainwater goes to waste while we are worrying about using less water in our homes. You can collect it by either buying a purpose built tank or using something you already own. You won’t want to drink this stuff but it can be used to water your garden, clean your car and for a whole lot of other uses.
Use a Composting Approach?
Many people are starting to use compost heaps or bins and to be honest it is an incredibly easy thing to do. If you have never done this kind of thing before then a look on the internet will provide you with all of the information you need to get started.
Add More Insulation?
Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are brilliant ways of stopping the heat escaping from your home.  This is especially important in older and bigger properties which are hard to heat in winter. If you live in the UK you might even be able to get the cavity wall insulation work done for free, so you should definitely have a look at the current regulations to see whether or not you qualify.
Add a Conservatory?
If you already fitted double glazing and got rid of your old appliances then you might like to start looking at conservatories now. These are great for warming up your home on clear but chilly winter days. If your family tends to put up the heating while they eat then it makes sense to start dining here or in an adjoining room. To find out how easy this is just check out something like the Anglian site for models and ideas.
Keep Going
It can be hard to keep going with something like this when you don’t see the results. However, if enough of us keep doing our bit then little by little we start to see the effects.
Find out more about green living and home improvements on the Anglian Home Improvements site.