Innovation: Open And Closed

Businesses face challenges to increase their customer bases, improve productivity, increase efficiency and build stronger customer relations. The operative word for businesses is innovation. There are several types of innovative processes that businesses are applying to fashion new business models.
Without change, UK businesses run the risk of falling behind in the global marketplace. The hard reality is that business cultures that do not innovate will not only face stern challenges in the global market but will open UK markets to finely-tuned businesses from other nations.
Innovation To Compete
National and international markets are more competitive than at any other time in history. The pressure to stay relevant is tremendous. The pressure to sustain long-term customer relations is constant. This takes a coordinated, consistent initiative that permeates every pore of the business and business culture.
UK businesses are generally not known for customer service that rivals the programs of international competitors. It is time to change the mindset. It is time to re-invent business mindsets in the UK.
The time has come for businesses to pay attention to their buyers. Listen to customer concerns. Pay attention to details. Address and resolve customer issues at the point of service. A business is only as good as its commitment to innovation and customers.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need a coordinated team that works together to propel the business into the 21st century marketplace?
  • Do your managers have strong interpersonal skills?
  • Can your business function when top executives are not present for periods of time, building international relations?
  • Does your business have a fluid leadership structure?
  • How do you rate your company’s “emotional intelligence?”
  • Do you foresee a shift in your business that can be accommodated by the current culture?

Leadership building and team building programs in the UK have been successful at helping business owners and executives design structures and communication programs that work.
Look, there are two types of innovation protocols. Closed innovation and open innovation. Surprisingly elements of these systems can exist in the same business culture. But, to really work, these structures need training and commitment from the top down, not from the bottom up.
Are you committed? Do you understand the difference between open and closed innovation? If so, could your business benefit from this type philosophy? Why not?
SMEs and startups are welcome. In fact, your SME or startup can make up a lot of lost time through innovation as first developed by Henry Chesbrough of Harvard University in the USA. Mr. Chesbrough now consults with the EU. To help improve coordination between 27 different political nations, economies and financial institutions. If innovation is being deployed to solve the problems in the EU, couldn’t it be used to make your business operate better?

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