Home Elevators Are Not Just For Senior Citizens

Although home elevators help to keep seniors in their home longer, they are also for anyone who has mobility issues. Many people, due to illness or injury, find that they can no longer enjoy the other levels of their homes. Sudden or chronic impaired mobility is tough enough to deal with. Having to live on just one level of one’s home makes it worse. An elevator in the home opens up the space to full use again.

Some Customers Prefer Elevators Over Chair Lifts

Unlike chair lifts, an elevator is much more useful. It is difficult for a person to carry items up and down the stairs even with the assistance of a chair lift. Elevators can accommodate a person, wheelchair and other things such as a laundry basket. Some people are also nervous in a chair lift. Though the systems are stable and have excellent safety records, just the sight of going up and down the stairs in a chair frightens some. An enclosed elevator is the perfect option. It is no different than riding in elevators found in office buildings. They are just smaller.

New Elevator Designs

Technology advances exponentially over time. Those who have seen old home elevator systems are amazed to see the new designs. New elevator designs can be installed inside existing homes that have the space, and also can be installed outside when interior space is limited. Outside designs are not open to the elements. They are enclosed in a framed structure much like an addition that matches the exterior of the home, or they can be enclosed in a structure of weatherproof clear panels.
There is also a pneumatic design of elevator that lifts using a safe and proven vacuum system. These are great for smaller spaces where a traditional elevator design will not fit. The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is made of a metal frame and polycarbonate paneled tube. There is no need for space to house cables, pulleys or large electric motors. The elevator car slides up and down the polycarbonate tube using the powerful force of negative air pressure. The system easily lifts a person up to the next floor. As with all home elevators, a safety brake protects against any system issues.

Choosing an Elevator

Home elevators come in all sizes. There are small ones that will just lift a standing person to ones that are large enough to accommodate more than one person at a time. The larger elevators are great for caregivers who must accompany the person with limited mobility. They are also great for moving items such as laundry, purchased items, luggage, cleaning supplies, floor vacuums and other items between floors.
Once thought to only serve then needs of the elderly, home elevator systems now serve anyone who has difficulty going up and down the stairs including aging or disabled pets. Homeowners intent on staying in their homes as long as possible are making plans to install an elevator before it is needed. Regardless of the reason, there is a home elevator system that will work for any residential home.

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