Historic And Present Day Luxury

Whether we like to admit it or not, transportation plays a huge role in many of our lives today.  Some of us may travel by plane or train. However, for most day to day travel, most of us rely on our car.  These four wheeled, two ton plus pieces of machinery mean quite a lot to their owners. Do you remember as a young kid dreaming of the day you could finally own a car? How about as a nervous teenager who is finally taking the test to get their license? Even adults can have a strong reaction to their cars especially if something happens. In today’s world there are a multitude of car brands coming at us from all points in the world. One of the brands that have been on the market in Grand Rapids for a while is Cadillac.
Those who have not followed the brand’s history may be surprised to learn that it is the second oldest brand of American car. They are second only to their General Motors brother, Buick. Depending on whom you ask the number one and two positions can be a source of debate. Age notwithstanding, the brand has seen quite a lot in its history. It has served the military almost since the very beginning. The brand even has a motorsports history under its belt.
Away from specialized situations, the majority of people encounter this historic brand on the streets. Its hood ornament is one of the most recognizable in the world. Behind that hood ornament the brand represents many things to many different people.  Some may remember the older cars that were built large. These automobiles were seemingly indestructible.  Through the years technology has evolved to the point where the car no longer looks like a tank. This does not mean however that the brand has any fewer fans. In fact through the years the fan base has remained steady if not grown. These days, the brand exudes luxury. For those that can afford this life style on a daily basis, this is the perfect compliment. Even those who want to feel like they live in luxury are easily attracted to the brand. To better accommodate an ever changing world, the brand has even started to get into other models and not just the regular street car.
Are you chomping at the bit to get your hands on a slice of luxury? Hold on just a few more minutes.  As with any major purchase, a fair amount of research is always a good thing to do. You can check with friends and family. You can also research Cadillac in Grand Rapids and its models online.  Are you on your smart phone more than your laptop? Don’t worry you can do research too. There are a variety of apps you can use when looking for information on cars from trusted sources like the folks behind Kelly Blue Book. No matter how you choose to research your next luxurious purchase, enjoy yourself and your vehicle for years to come.

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