Guide For Buying An Arcade Machine

Arcade machines make for a great gift (whether to yourself or someone else) and provide endless hours of entertainment. Perfect for your home or business, arcade machines are a great way to relax and experience the ’80s all over again, taking you back in time to the classic days of Pacman and Space Invaders. An arcade machine is an affordable and worth-while purchase when buying from a great distributor. Before buying an arcade machine, there are a few things to think about. It’s important to decide where you will place your machine and what it will be used for. Will you be charging guests to play at your business? Where will it be placed in your home? Would you rather have an upright or cocktail table machine? Below are a few more things to keep in mind when purchasing an arcade machine:
• Warranty A warranty is an important aspect of purchasing a high-quality item to ensure that everything is working properly for years to come. For example, while most suppliers offer a 90-day or 1 year warranty, Arcade Classics offers a 5 year comprehensive warranty, making it the industry’s best.
• Authenticity In order to reproduce the same graphics of the classics, your arcade machine must contain an authentic CGA arcade monitor, which comes with a 21″ viewable screen. Look for a company that still sells this authentic monitor. Unfortunately, most companies have resorted to smaller VGA/LCD computer monitors that simply don’t display the authentic graphics you remember.
• Quality & Aesthetics When it comes to purchasing a new arcade machine, you will want something that’s going to last, that can handle the wear and tear it may receive, particularly in a commercial setting. Besides providing a high quality product, both aesthetically and physically, it should contain some important features. First, the look and feel of thick tempered glass is preferable over those with plexiglass tops. Your arcade machine provider should use top-notch materials for their cabinets, creating an aesthetically-pleasing unit. Personalization is a great idea for a more unique arcade table top- whether it’s your favorite sports team, family name or a company logo.
• Convenience Some arcade machines incorporate both a joystick and a 3″ commercial trackball. The trackball is used in games like Centipede, Millipede, Arkanoid & Super Breakout, so in order to have access to these games, a trackball must be included with your machine. Industry leaders such as Arcade Classics or BMI gaming often include wheels for easy placement with locking abilities on their uprights. If you choose to display your machine in a commercial setting, it’s important to consider a coin mechanism. Keep an eye out for a sophisticated, yet simple electronic coin mechanism to meet the demands of your commercial location.
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